Classroom Sizes Affect The Students Essay

Classroom Sizes Affect The Students Essay

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Classroom sizes, what’s the average size, how does it affect the students, the teachers? What are the advantages of having smaller classrooms? Many people don’t think of this as a major issue, but the fact of the matter is that this affects generations and generations of our country and it shouldn’t be an issue taken too lightly. Classroom sizes not only affect the way a student learns but as well as how the teachers structures their lesson plans. They might have to leave out or prolonged classroom lessons. The attention span of a student varies from size as classroom as well.
While the general population continues to grow, so will the classroom sizes. According to the SASS (Schools and Staffing Survey), the average size of a high school classroom is approximately 24 students. While the average size of a middle school classroom is 17 kids and elementary schools come in at 22 (). Now, why is there such an uneven trend in data between these different grade levels? It could be because of the cost to maintain the smaller classrooms. Maybe certain school district have more money than others and thus are able to provide students with smaller learning environments .It has been shown that it is best to start kids off in small classrooms at lower grade levels and continue this pattern all the way through their educational career ().
Now, what other benefits could come from this reduction of classroom size banter that has been a topic of conversation for many researchers for decades? One article, written by the Seattle Times suggest that “The most obvious explanation for why reducing class size works — that teachers give students better, more-tailored instruction in smaller classes(Seattle Times).” When we reduce the classrooms size...

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...ould alone from that have close to 200 million from that 75 cents. So maybe instead of doing this all at once, we could potentially build up this overall outcome to a long term goal situation where certain districts get financing for this first and then so on until all of the school districts obtain financing for classroom expansions.
Overall, expanding classroom sizes to reduce the amount of stress the students and the teachers have to deal with, the raised test scores from reduced class sizes, the happier students from this would be an overall improvement in the long run. While expanding classrooms may would cost a decent amount of money up front, the overall benefits of expanding the classrooms would outweigh the negatives in the long run and provide school districts with happier, less overwhelmed students and teacher and see better scores in standardized tests.

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