The Classroom Should Be A Creation Of A Rich Ecosystem Essay

The Classroom Should Be A Creation Of A Rich Ecosystem Essay

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Lichtman (2014) strongly believes that the 21st classroom should be a creation of a rich Ecosystem, where students are Permeable, they are online, off campus, conferring with their communities and connecting around the world. Learning spaces are creative hubs that encourage students to no longer sit all day in chairs, but extend their learning with real life, hands on experiences that are vibrant and relevant to their individual needs and interests. Litchtman (2014) continues to expand this idea by stating the 21st classroom looks messy, noisy, crossing the lines of subject matters and engaging students in authentic ways. The students are self-correcting with authentic reflection that is modelled and practiced daily. This enables students to follow the framework for school age care (FSAC) and take more control of their learning to scaffold and consolidate new ideas that ensures they are thinking about their learning at an innovating, flexible, richer level and making connections to the wonderment of the world around them (Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations for the Council of Australian Governments [AGDEEWRCAG] (2011). Musallam (2013) states that “students questions are the seeds of student learning”. Teachers are urged to become the cultivators of their student’s curiosity and inquiry by creating designed, enthusiastic and informed methods of blended instructions by integrating programs that draw the students to their teachers like magnets that attract questions and curiosity (Musallam, 2013). Teachers are using the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Ltd, 2015) and becoming adaptive by continually learning an...

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...ty of their students teachers will not be able to develop the necessary skills they need for today or the future.

McAllum (2015) states that effective teachers need to know their students by knowing their students interests, physical and learning needs the tree mentioned methods can be implemented to support the FSAC [AGDEEWRCAG] (2011). The models are designed to be adjusted to support students to build their own sense of identity and wellbeing by encouraging them to ignite their curiosity in a safe environment. They will assist in students to develop skills that will enable them to become successful contributes to their community by ensuring they are Information and technology literate. Along with evolve students to become effective listeners and communicators by practicing and experience opportunities to explain their ideas and actively listen to their peers.

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