Classroom Setting : My Mentor Teacher Essay

Classroom Setting : My Mentor Teacher Essay

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Journal # 4
One of the things that is extremely important in this classroom setting has been the schedule. The students like having a schedule and sticking to it. As the day progresses my mentor teacher crosses out the things in the schedule that they have already done to help the students see what will happen next. Whenever there it 's a half day or there are changes in the schedule the teacher takes the time to address the students in order to prepare them for the changes. This really helps minimize the students from feeling anxiety when there are any changes in their schedule.
My mentor teacher also talked about the importance of having materials ready for a substitute teacher in case she is absent. Whenever my mentor teacher is absent this is another reason to cause the students to get agitated, to minimize the chances of conflict and issues throughout those days my teacher leaves activities that are fun and engaging ready. Unfortunately, most of the students struggle to accept a substitute teacher and have a hard time enjoying thee activity to its fullest. However, their behavior is much better when compared to when a substitute teacher actually teaches them lessons throughout the day. Instead the day is used to to review concepts in fun and engaging ways. This is something I found to be very interesting as I never taken into account how serious any changes in the environment can affect some of these students. Most of the students have disabilities that fall within the autism spectrum, ADHD, or behavioral disorders. However, all the students have sensory needs. As a future teacher, I think it would be hard to miss a day of work knowing how much this would affect my student’s day at school and also their performance.

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...nts get to practice their communication skills, as many of them struggle to have that sort of interaction outside their regular classroom. Some students struggle to project their voices loud enough, while others are on the opposite end and struggle not to shout and use an appropriate tone instead.
The students are also taught to come back into the classroom and wash their hands once they return from this job. This is a topic that is reinforced throughout the day. On fruit and vegetables days the students wash their hands before and after working. They also learn about not coughing into their gloves that are being used to handle the fruits and vegetables. The students brush their teeth and put on deodorant every morning once they get to their classroom after breakfast. After lunch break and recess the students wash their faces and hands once they get back to class.

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