Classroom Rules And The Classroom Essay

Classroom Rules And The Classroom Essay

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This week was my second week in the classroom, and I absolutely loved it. This week flowed more because the procedures and rules were already stablished. Although Mrs. McCollum does not have “set” classroom rules displayed in her classroom, she does expect her students to respect each other. One of the first procedures that students are taught is when they come in the morning they have to hang their backpacks in their correct spots. Then, they must put their take-home folders and put it in a bucket that is next to the door. Next, the students must quietly grab a book and sit outside the hallway until it is time to line up to go inside the classroom. This is a crucial commencing procedure because it sets the stage for the whole day. During this time the teacher monitors the students.
Another essential procedure for students is transitioning to lunch. Students have to walk from their room to the cafeteria in an assigned order to get their lunch. This often becomes chaotic because kindergarteners forget their order in line or they start talking. It is also difficult to keep students in ...

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