Classroom Performance Gaps And Lead Students With Learning Disabilities Essay

Classroom Performance Gaps And Lead Students With Learning Disabilities Essay

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All teachers have experienced in the classroom performance or achievement gaps and they implement different approaches to address the needs of the students to close those gaps. In reality, there are an infinite number of teaching strategies that educators can utilize to close performance gaps and lead students with learning disabilities to success. In one of the videos, Dr. Deshler emphasizes the different ways to close gaps and provides guidelines for using content enhancement routines to make content more accessible to all students (Laureate Education, n.d-c). In terms of closing specific achievement gaps, there are two approaches that teacher can utilize to address these issues. Aaccording to Dr. Deshler, the two components of solutions to close performance gaps are change how teachers teach and change how students learn (Laureate Education, n.d-c). I am currently experiencing a couple of performance gaps with my algebra 1 students. For instance, the achievement gaps that I am concentrating are students having issues with specific areas of mathematics and difficulty solving word problems. These students have taken the STAAR exam several and they have failed the test several times. I have a total of twenty students and ten of them have learning disabilities. I found out that most of these students with learning disabilities will not work unless they get motivated by the teacher and most of the time they want instruction one-to-one, which makes my job more difficult. In addition, these students who struggle in my classroom enjoy working with hands-on manipulatives because they get really engaged in the lesson. Therefore, I am addressing this issue by implementing several strategies where students use different representations tha...

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...nd, I did learned and enjoyed the effective way he presented the information. He emphasized the importance of how much information a student can hold in the brain using LEGOS as well as how students feel when a lot of information is given to them ( Laureate Education, n.d.c). Personally, when I watching all these videos, I was reflected on what I needed to change as an educator and meet the needs of all the students with learning disabilities. Now, I can understand the frustration of my students when I give them a lot of information at once. According to Dr. Deshler, teachers must understand how students feel and see the perspective from a novice learner and think what information is more relevant or confusing to students (Laureate Education, n.d.c). This week’s resources really opened my eyes in terms of my instructional strategies that I implement in the classroom.

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