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Classroom Management Plan Analysis Essay

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Creating and Maintaining an efficient classroom environment for students can be a difficult task to accomplish. With the amount of distractions and behavioral issues teacher encounter on a daily basis, it becomes essential to prepare and try to prevent them. Our goal for students is for them to receive the most optimal opportunity for learning while spending minimal time disciplining and managing. In order to do so we must hold ourselves accountable as teachers for establishing order and also the students accountable for their own actions. If a good classroom environment is set up, I believe students can learn effectively without feeling restricted. Although students can be unpredictable and not all strategies are proven to work, the efforts made towards creating this environment are what produce a difference.
In order to have a well-managed classroom it is essential to be an effective teacher. There are a variety of characteristics associated with being an effective teacher, and I believe some of these characteristics must be developed in order to establish a well-managed classroom (Wong). Organization is one characteristic that is key to giving your students a clear understanding of what is going to be expected of them for the day. Not only this but establishing classroom norms for your students and constantly be expressing to them the standards you hold them too.
Preparing and organizing the classroom itself can be a precursor for the way your classroom is going to be ran. Allowing for student workspace, wall space and your own workspace can help prevent the classroom from feeling chaotic. Using containers for specific materials that are labeled and stored as well as creating file cabinets for lesson plans and worksheets that...

... middle of paper ... for establishing this environment and hold them accountable to maintain this environment so that our classroom can be a place where they feel safe, comfortable and motivated to learn.

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