Classroom Management Is The Sole Person Of Authority And Leadership Essay

Classroom Management Is The Sole Person Of Authority And Leadership Essay

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When having a strong approach as a teacher you can come across as a teacher that is high class and see students being beneath you. The students may feel a little intimidated by how educated you may talk to them, but on the other hand, you may have a teacher that is humbled and uses words that are not as educational as he or she should, but is own their students level. Some teachers should really emphasis instructional strategies. With that being said every teacher will not teach the same just as every student will not learn the same.
Some of the educational philosophies are Formal Authority, Expert, and Personal Methods. Formal authority teachers are the kind of teachers that is the sole person of authority and leadership. They have more knowledge than the students, and hold a higher status over their students. Classroom management is usually based on traditional methods involving teacher-designed rules and expectations. Expert is the teacher described in this model which is basically the know-everything in the classroom. They are there to guide and direct their students. Students are nothing more than empty vessels designed to receive the knowledge being given by the teacher. Personal method is the teacher leads by example. They show the student how to find information and how to understand it. The idea is that the students will learn by watching and copying what the teacher does exactly as the teacher does it. Now that you know the different types of educational philosophies, you should have a better understanding about them. Now let me tell you about the role that diversity plays.
Diversity plays a big role when it comes to how the instructor delivers their lesson plan. According to it states, “Students are ...

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...aintain your class.
Teaching in rural and urban schools would not be any different because they are all coming to get their education. Private schools rely on tuition payments and funds from nonpublic sources such as religious organizations, endowments, grants, and charitable donations. These schools select from a pool of students who apply for admission. They may be coed or single sex. About a third of the elementary and secondary schools in the United States are private. Independent schools are private, nonprofit schools governed by boards of trustees. This category includes such famous private schools as Andover and Exeter. Independent schools draw their funds from tuition payments, charitable contributions, and endowments rather than from taxes or church funds. They may be affiliated with a religious institution but cannot receive funds or governance from them.

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