Essay on Classroom Management Can Make Or Break The School Year

Essay on Classroom Management Can Make Or Break The School Year

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Classroom Management can make or break the school year. Classroom management is one of the three factors of an effective teacher, which consist of the practices, and procedures that a teacher uses to maintain an environment in which instruction and learning can occur. Classroom management is not just about behavior, it includes, the physical environment, psychosocial environment, motivation, managing instruction, student’s work, behavior and communication. As a new teacher having a set plan for classroom management will make my first year run smoothly.

Managing Physical Environment:
In my classroom the physical environment will be constantly changing based off of the needs of my students. My classroom will be set up with areas for whole group instruction, student desk set up in learning teams with flexible seating, and areas based on each subject. There will also be a small group table for small group instruction with the teacher.
The walls will be divided into subject areas with anchor charts based on our current unit of study. There will be student work in and outside of our classroom on display. A working world wall will be on display for students use. There will be hanging folders for turning in work. One area of the wall will be devoted to our classroom rules and goals we created together.
My classroom will be very organized. Each item will have a space that is labeled and visible for students. The closets will be organized based on subject and need. The countertop will be for students use with crates and baskets for all of the supplies. Plants and possibly a class pet will create a welcoming ambience. Floor lamps with soft noise at times will be used. There will be brain break areas as well as fidget tools so everyo...

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...ication is key in student’s success. Parents and teachers need to be a team to help them student. I will start the year of with a positive phone call to build that relationship. Throughout the year I will update our class webpage so parents can feel they are a part of our learning. I will also send home newsletters to keep our parents involved. Students will also chart their behavior during the day and be asked to communicate that with their parents each week. All of my communication will be positive and respect to all of my parents and colleagues. I will be open to advice my peers as well as administrators.

Classroom management will help my classroom run smoothly. I will have a script of routines, behavior rules as well as a schedule of my plan at the beginning of the school year. My classroom will be well organized and set up to help cater to my students needs.

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