Essay on The Classroom Is The Home Away Home For The Second Graders

Essay on The Classroom Is The Home Away Home For The Second Graders

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The classroom 110, is the home away home for the second graders of Ps. 119. The classroom, is a small, but well-organized and illuminated space. It shelters a total of 37 students, two teachers, one co-teacher and any visitor doing field work observations, plus all the necessary technical equipment for teaching and learning.
The classroom 110 is organized as follows: starting at the threshold and going clockwise; on the first wall, there is a big armoire that holds some of the classroom supplies and teachers’ belongings; it covers almost the whole wall. In front of the second wall, there is a big movable blackboard and beside it, there is a small computer station for the children. The third wall is comprised of a set of windows that covers most of it and below them, we can found a couple of bookshelves containing reading books. Next to the bookshelves, there is another shelve that contains some of the handouts and students’ portfolios as well as the homework’s baskets. Just at the end of that wall and right next to the shelve, a teacher’s desk can be found. It holds a computer and several baskets with folders and teaching books, among other miscellaneous and teaching supplies. On the last wall, there are a door leading to a bathroom, a kitchen sink, a small countertop with a basket, where children deposit their lunch boxes and water bottles, a set of cabinets, that holds snacks and some cleaning supplies and finally, a closet that holds the students’ coats and backpacks. At the center of the classroom, the students’ decks are arranged in 5 groups of 6 to 8 desks. Beside the furniture, distributed around the classroom, there are many posters and charts stuck to the walls and doors.
Despite the aforementioned limited space of the cl...

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...s a poem, she celebrates his/her dedication by encouraging him/her to share it with the rest of the class, while praising the good points and politely suggesting changes for the not so good point and asking him/her rewrite it with the promise to publicize it in the work board. This attitude entices the students to want to try harder in order to not disappoint her. The teacher also displays a dynamic and spontaneous behavior; for instance, she would “improvise” a song about the topic she is talking about and share it with the students or she would take advantage of any teachable moment that allows her to make a connection between the present topic and a similar or related topic discussed in another subject. Her attitude and behavior, assure the students that she cares about them, which makes the overall class environment very comfortable and appropriate for learning.

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