The Classroom Education For One With A Disability Essay

The Classroom Education For One With A Disability Essay

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During the semester, we read an Anthropologist on Mars by Oliver Sacks and met blind people as well as numerous remarkable people diagnosed with autism, Tourette’s Syndrome, and frontal lobe damage. Although some of them have done well, we can probably all agree that they’re exceptions and that much more can be done to fully integrate disabled people into everyday life. All of these disabled people show us that even if one is disabled they can still reach their goal in life. In this paper I will be writing about Classroom education for one with a disability.
According to the Constitutional Rights Foundation “Including the Disabled Student” talks about John being different from students in his high school. John has a disability known as Down’s syndrome which he has inherited. At first, he was placed in a special education classroom with hardly any interaction with his fellow classmates. Some of these public schools have helpful classes where teachers are taught how to treat disabled people in polite, helpful, and caring ways. Some disabled students, express themselves with emotional problems and other’s may have to be taught in a private lesson.
An article in The New York Times “When Disabled Students Enter Regular Classrooms” talks about how disabled students correspond to being in a classroom with or without disabled students. “In New York City, where 15,000 students with severe disabilities are taught in separate schools, 30 are being placed in regular kindergarten and first-grade classrooms in six schools as part of an experimental program”. I disagree because it shouldn’t matter if one is disabled or not because some of us may be able to learn things better than others rather than looking at a disabled person and automatic...

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...ave to say to them in their lessons. Some teachers focus on disabled students so they can have a higher success rate. Individual Educational Plans don’t benefit for specific kids with disabilities. With research it shows that kids with disabilities focus and interact in the classroom rather then being alone with people they cannot associate with. If they are placed individually they will never be able to see how the world is but in their own way.
In conclusion, classroom education should stop segregation of a disabled. One should have the right to choose rather than being placed in segregated schools due to one’s severe disabilities. Many disabled people find things they can become successful in. In this semester, we have learned a lot about one who is disabled and discussed in class how we would react if we were the ones to teach or interact with a disabled.

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