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The Classroom And The Picnic Essay example

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Lesson: Culture in the Classroom Halmoni and the Picnic.

Age or Grade Level: 3rd grade.


• Students will able to explore and talk about immigrant family experiences.
• Help all students appreciate the knowledge and resources their families can contribute to their learning experiences.
• Support students from immigrant backgrounds in exploring the challenges, strengths, and meaning of their multicultural identities.
• Encourage students from immigrant backgrounds to make connections between home, school, and community in their learning.
• Nonimmigrant students will understand the value of multiculturalism.
What are strengths this unit?
Halmoni and the Picnic is a story in our unit of study. This is a story that most students enjoy reading year after every year. My additions to the lesson to the reading lesson are in italics to show how I could make the lesson more multicultural. The unit demonstrates how school is not only a separate sphere of development in a students’ life, but also a place where connections take place every day among families, teachers, and community members. The teacher reaches out to her student 's family by inviting the grandmother to chaperone a school trip. She also demonstrates openness to diversity when she becomes the first person to try the grandmother 's Korean dish, kimbap. Through a school-sponsored activity, the student finds that her peers and teacher appreciate her grandmother 's culture. The grandmother feels more confident about being involved in her granddaughter 's school activities and experiences the power of cultural exchange.
What ways is learner diversity addressed?
1-After reading allow the students to talk about some vocabulary words used all through the story. The words rep...

... middle of paper ...

...wing stuff about one another and family heritage, having students who are struggling with a disability in the classroom. I will find ways that will make it easier in the classroom.
In conclusion, I feel that Diversity is all over the place, and that will never change because it is beneficial to students. I feel that many of us ought to be that helpful people in a student’s life to assist them see how they should treat other students that act and look differently. I believe that teachers should be the ones who should get the acknowledgment for trying to transform the way students demonstrate respect to others. Students are the future generation, and it is a teacher 's job to prepare them for it. Once a student makes an effort to change, others students will also change. Teachers have that special spark in each one of them that can make students excited about learning.

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