Classifications for Anxiety Disorders Essay

Classifications for Anxiety Disorders Essay

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Are you or do you know someone, experiencing panic attacks or anxiety attacks? If so, it is important to be familiar with what these terms mean. Individuals frequently use panic and anxiety together, however; there are significant differences in the two and understanding the difference will make it easier to comprehend the relationship.

Phobias are irrational fears that create interference within an individual’s daily routine. There are individuals who suffer from a phobia linked to pretty much any object or place imaginable. Each phobia has a specific name, for example, a fear of spiders is the phobia known as arachnophobia. There are phobias linked to flying, heights, germs and millions of things in between, each with its own name. A phobia is a category of anxiety disorders which can induce a panic attack. A panic attack is the direct result of the individual
encountering their phobia.

Panic disorder is also a category of anxiety disorders. An individual suffering with panic attacks can experience extreme physical symptoms and often feel as though they are experiencing ...

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