Essay about Classification System And The Drainage System

Essay about Classification System And The Drainage System

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a. Drainage System
RFP Requirements: Description of the drainage system including identification of contributing drainage areas, major crossings, mitigation of discharges and detention requirements.

The proposed drainage system used to convey stormwater runoff from the project will consist primarily of a mix open ditches, culverts, and storm sewerage for longitudinal drainage, and culverts and bridges to accommodate cross drainage, and oversized longitudinal ditches to provide stormwater detention storage as well as water quality treatment to mitigate adverse effects on receiving streams and watersheds.

The design of the proposed system will be full compliance with Technical Provisions of the RFP. The proposed drainage system will efficiently and thoroughly drain stormwater runoff away from the proposed roadway facilities, maintaining a safe and efficient transportation system. The proposed drainage design will account for and handle all sources of stormwater runoff that may reach the project limits, whether originating within or outside the project Right of Way. In addition, the proposed system design identifies and accommodates all existing off-site drainage that contributes to the proposed highway drainage system or that may be affected by the proposed roadway system.

Data sources for the proposed design will include all applicable municipal drainage plans; watershed management plans; FEMA Flood Insurance Studies, Flood Insurance Rate Maps, models, and other available data; available as-built plans; topographic and LiDAR survey data; and other available source, including all such sources as required by the Technical Provision of the RFP.

The proposed drainage system is divided into three broad categories, as follows: Longi...

... middle of paper ...

...nnels and typically proposes box culverts or bridge crossings. When connecting to existing closed storm sewer systems, the design team will coordinate with municipalities such as City of Dayton and City of New Caney to utilize the municipality’s standards. Also for unincorporated areas, the design team will coordinate with Harris, Montgomery, and Liberty Counties. Continuity of the proposed drainage design with adjacent segments will be ensured. Segment H proposed drainage systems will be designed to accommodate runoff entering the project limits from Segment G, for example.
e. Easements
RFP Requirements: Description and plan drawing(s) defining the approximate limits of temporary construction and drainage easements necessary for completion of the Project drainage work.
Temporary easements will not be required for the construction of the proposed drainage system.

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