Essay on The Classification Model

Essay on The Classification Model

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 Is the population described? Is the sample described in sufficient detail?
The target population in the study was the practical nursing students. The study consisted of sixteen Ivy Tech campuses with practical nursing programs. The students who graduated from Ivy Tech practical nursing program during the time frame of December 1997, May 1998, and August 1998, and students who took the NCLEX-PN licensure by December 1998 were included in the study (Ostrye, 2001). There was no exclusion criteria mentioned in the study.

 Was the best possible sampling design used to enhance the sample’s representativeness? Were sampling biases minimized?
Yes, the sample design was sufficient to enhance the sample’s representativeness. A pilot test of the data collection was performed to make sure that the independent variables were obtained accordingly and based on institutional information database. Likewise, a follow up study was conducted to validate the adequacy of the classification model. I believe that the sample may have brought some bias because only graduate students from an Ivy Tech practical nursing program from the time frame of Deceber 1997, May 1998, and August 1998 were included in the study.

 Was the sample size adequate? Was a power analysis used to estimate sample size needs?
I believe the sample size is adequate. The previous pilot study size was 880 graduate students, but due to the missing data of the predictor variables, the study size was decreased to 770 graduate students. There were no power analysis mentioned in the study to estimate sample size needs.

 Are the operational and conceptual definitions congruent?
The operational definitions are congruent with the conceptual definitions within this study. Demographic ...

... middle of paper ...

...s’ when taking NCLEX-PN licensure. The researcher also mentioned that since other factors were not discussed and included in the study, further qualitative and quantitative research on practical nursing students is needed to identify the significance of other variables.

 Is the report well-written, organized, and sufficiently detailed for critical analysis?
Overall, the report is organized and well written. However, some statements are incomplete. The researcher did not include important headings such as Background, Objectives, and Conclusion. The instruments and measures section could have included more specifics for better understanding of the readers.

 Is the report written in a manner that makes the findings accessible to practicing nurses?
Yes, this study was written in a manner that provided concise findings.
Concepts and ideas were easily identifiable.

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