Essay on Classical Realism And Modern Realism

Essay on Classical Realism And Modern Realism

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Classical Realism
Classical realism originates from the ancient times of the Greek empires. This theory in international relations has dominated the sphere and the conception of world politics for centuries. Classical realists such as Morgenthau and Thucydides outline different factors in explaining politics at all levels and emphasize that politics is described throughout the theory of classical realism. Like every theory in international relations, classical realism has strengths and weaknesses that define its impact in the international level. In our current age of diplomacy, classical realism is not a common theory in current international politics. Although it is not as relevant as it has been in the past, there is potential for classical realism to reemerge in international relations in the future. Classical realism has been able to explain international politics in a succinct guide for the success of states but it fails to adjust to the new threats in the current international system.
The dimensions of power of an international theory heavily influence the success of the theory and the ability to explain international politics. Classical realists describe the dimension of power as: having a stabilizing and cohesive community with no distinction between domestic and international politics, justice, and self-constraint. With these dimensions applied in the international system, it promotes peace and a community among the states. A case study that is used in order to explain the dimension of power was the United States intervention in the war in Iraq. Classical realists argue that by the United States intervening in the Iraq, it failed in succeeding in the war because it was not a part of the community in the region and out...

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...tional order. There are components within classical realism that are relevant to current international affairs such as the necessity of a cohesive community and the self-interest of states. After an analysis on classical realism, the main issue is that classical realism provides simply a diagnosis rather than a treatment in the international system. Classical realism is overtly pessimistic in explaining the international system and due to this pessimism it fails to provide a cohesive explanation on maintaining peace in international affairs. The theory undermines the balance of power and the formation of alliances, although both of these factors have contributed to the current stability in the system. Although classical realism fails in explaining current international order, some claims within the theory are essential in defining international and domestic politics.

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