Classical Music And Its Influence On The Western And Other Parts Of The World History

Classical Music And Its Influence On The Western And Other Parts Of The World History

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Classical music takes a big importance in the western and other parts of the world history, being in a classical concert is part of the stage of life that nobody should skip. Classical music is beyond music, but art and psychology. An important classical music event was achieved at the Lincoln Center “Mostly Mozart”. It was a festival full of the three masters of the classical music; Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Van Beethoven. During my visited, I was amazed with these composers’ pieces. In fact, three famous pieces were performed, such as Over the to Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro) from Mozart, Cello Concerto in C major, Hob. Vllb:1 by Haydn and Symphony #4 in B-flat major written by Beethoven.
Wolfgang A. Mozart was known as the king of melody, Mozart was born in Salzburg in January 5th, 1791. He is considered a prodigy child because of his over talent in music at an extremely young age. He was able to play the harpsichord when he was a toddler. When he was just four years old, he was able to learn music. Additionally, at the age of six, he started to compose by the time he was eight, he had his first symphony. Since he was seven years old until seventeen, Mozart spent most of his life traveling with his father Leopold Mozart a violinist and his sister Marianne Mozart. Mozart was the first musician to achieve a music career independently. Unfortunately, His mother died in Paris when she was accompanying him during his tour. Mozart composed more than 600 works including symphonies, opera, orchestra, and so on. During his journey, Mozart met an innumerous of musicians. In fact, he met the son of Johann Bach, J. Christian Bach. Moreover, Mozart decided to live in Vienna where there he married to Co...

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... entire concert which prolonged to 34 minutes. The composition contains four movements, first is allegro vivace, adagio, allegro vivace, and allegro ma non troppo. This is an orchestra with homophonic texture, and some of the instrument used were flute, clarinet, oboe, strings, bassoon and trumpets. The conductor was very excited about this piece because he constantly jumped of emotion on the scenery.
In terms of the pieces used during the concert, they really chose important and amazing pieces. They were very wise to play the most important masters of the classical era. The performers were extremely professional and at the same time very talented and enthusiastic. They were very into their instruments which implies that they had a passion for the music. I loved the Haydn 's piece so much because it was very attractive to me, and the cello soloist was just amazing.

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