Essay about The Classical Conditioning Of Ivan Pavlov

Essay about The Classical Conditioning Of Ivan Pavlov

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The topics discussed in this article are reflected on my points of view and understandings of the concepts learned, during the introduction to psychology course. How they change my perception of certain subjects and understanding of the procedures taken to achieve the theories explain. By well recognize psychologist that have made it easier to understand human behavior and learning. In addition, how my perspective has change of how people interact with one another and the behaviors they take during certain situations. Last but not least, I will also explain how the information acquired from intro to psychology, will be used and adapted to everyday life situations.
One of the most astonishing discoveries of psychology is the classical conditioning of Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936).This discovery in particular, were so incredibly amusing to me for the reason that he was able to test how animals/humans can classically condition to certain stimulus. As well he discover that there can be a stimulus generalization which means that a similar stimulus to the original one can be conditioned to produce the same effect. For example, if a dog is spanked with a newspaper he can use the stimulus generalization with a belt. He found out that there can be a stimulus discrimination for example, if you have rolled a newspaper to use it to swap flies instead to discipline the dog over a period of time the dog won’t have the same reaction towards the newspaper or a belt. In fact, he saw that with a condition stimulus, he could make a unconditioned stimulus condition, he called this higher order conditioning. These means that if a beep is the condition stimulus each time that the beep beeps a green light turns on over a period of trials the same uncondition...

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...ments have taught me how people act and why. Before these learnings I thought people acted the way they did because they don 't really care for others, or that they would only help someone that they can get some benefit out of .But I learn that people do this odd behaviors to be socially accepted even if goes against their beliefs. This information will help me in my future to understand human behavior better and to know how to react to each life situation more efficiently. As well, to know teach and modify unwanted behavior by classically conditioning them to a more acceptable one. To tell the truth, I will now take action when I see someone in distress instead of thinking that help is already coming or they don 't really need help. In fact, I will keep disagreeing with people’s beliefs because I will know that they may be conforming their true beliefs and feelings.

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