Classical Art And Classical Era Essay

Classical Art And Classical Era Essay

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RIWT Task 1
Classic, classical, and classicism are all words that describe the historical period, quality of a literature, music or artistic style associated with the appealing achievements of Greco-Roman civilization. Classical art is based on the aesthetic and philosophical principles fixed by Greco-Roman civilization.
Classic art refers to a high regard for classic antiquity. Disco bolus Sir Kenneth Clark said “classicism (or the classical era) portrays widely accepted ideal forms of art in various ways” (Clark, 1956, p.146). In the classical period there was a revolution in Greek sculptures (related with the introduction of democracy).
Classic is simply any ancient imitation or use of the principles of ancient Greek and Roman classical art and literature. The Classical period saw many changes in style and sculptures and developed its own characteristics that distinguish the era from others. Artists valued balance and harmony in their paintings; figures were usually perfect in the piece of art compared to reality. {For example, poses became more naturalistic; statues even began to depict real people and nude came in for the first time in the late classical period (mid-4th century)}.
Figures’ bodies appeared to be active leading people to develop the belief the figures were moving. They were also portrayed doing tasks from everyday life. Although classical art magnificently depicted motion and activities as well as perfect beings, two important things that they did not express were 1) emotion and 2) they had no sense of perspective.
In painting, Rococo style is characterized by delicate colors, decorative details, and an intimate mood. In France, type of style was “the elegant style” while in Germany it was called “the sensitive...

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...nd enhanced version of the Classical era.
Renaissance Art is important because as a cultural movement it encompassed a revitalization of learning based on classical sources, development of linear perspective in paintings, and gradual but widespread educational reform.
Traditionally, the Renaissance is viewed as a bridge between the Middle Ages and the Modern era. One of the unique features of Renaissance art is its development of highly realistic linear perspective. Yet the most significant development of the era was not a specific discovery but rather a process for discovery, the scientific method. It influenced art, science, culture and religion. (The invention of the printing press allowed rapid transition of these new ideas).
Renaissance art is a revival of classical art and both are remembered today. Both art periods had a great impact in the techniques of art.

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