Classical Architecture: An Everlasting Imprint Essay examples

Classical Architecture: An Everlasting Imprint Essay examples

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Architectural style that was developed by the ancient Greeks has had such an influence on many world civilizations that it surrounds us even to this day. The symbolism that this architectural style has represents power, dignity and recognition that is everlasting throughout generations. The Romans particularly skilled at concrete construction were intrigued by this style and incorporated this technique into their very own building and temple structures. El Paso High School located in El Paso, Texas is a representation of how powerful of an influence ancient Greeks and Romans have had on cultures around the world.
Approaching the entrance of El Paso High School on the East facade you will notice that the shaft of the columns have vertical hollow grooves which are known as flutes. The style of the columns chosen for El Paso High is a Corinthian order and this order happens to be the most decorated of the three styles. At the top of its column it is embellished and decorated with acanthus leaves. The acanthus leaf has been a motif that has continued in use for centuries and still even used to this day. The portico which is a wide porch that leads to the entrance of the building is accompanied by hexastyle colonnades that have bases and supports a pediment above. A few flower decorations on the ceiling of the portico give the building a sense of beauty and poise. The entrance of the building sits on a podium which is a platform that raises it above its surroundings to give an appeal of dignity and power to the building. The entrance to this High School is breathtaking and beautiful and gives a certain charm to the school.
The East façade of El Paso High School possess similar qualities to the Maison Carree in Nimes, France, ca...

... middle of paper ...

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