Classical And Romantic Era Of The Moonlight Sonata Essay

Classical And Romantic Era Of The Moonlight Sonata Essay

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Ludwig van Beethoven was an exceptional composer and musician in his time period for numerous reasons. He produced countless symphonies, sonatas, masses, and even an opera. He was a very talented man in the Classical and Romantic era, and he will be remembered for many centuries to come. One of his works that intrigues me the most is his Piano Sonata No. 14, otherwise known as the Moonlight Sonata. Not only is it a hauntingly beautiful piece, but it is also very historically significant. Completed in 1801, the Moonlight Sonata stretched the boundaries of music in Beethoven’s time period. To understand why the Moonlight Sonata is such a unique piece, I will delve into the background of the piece, the form of Moonlight Sonata, and finally Beethoven’s reasons for writing such a unique piece.
Piano Sonata No. 14 was completed in 1801. This sonata is one of his most famous works for many reasons. The sonata was originally titled Sonata quasi una fantasia, but later was given the name Moonlight Sonata (Caldwell, 2014). The original title of this piece was also the same title for Beethoven’s other piece Op. 27, No. 1. The first movement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14 has been noted as similar to the effect of moonlight shining upon a lake, hence the name Moonlight Sonata.
Moonlight Sonata was different compared to the other sonatas and music that Beethoven had composed before. The Moonlight Sonata did not follow the traditional format of songs in the Classical era (fast-slow-fast-fast) (Kerman, 2014). Instead, Beethoven had the Piano Sonata No. 14 continue to stay slow-paced until the third movement. Before Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven had typically followed the traditional norms of composition for his era. This new form of music stre...

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...h created an inner turmoil, or storm, inside of him.
The Piano Sonata No. 14 is an exceptionally beautiful piece that will be remembered for centuries to come. Beethoven was trying to stretch the boundaries of music in his time period with the Moonlight Sonata. This was mainly exemplified by the uniqueness of the overall form. But, it was also shown through concepts such as the unifying motive, his reasons for composing the piece, and the magnitude of the overall piece. In order to understand how Beethoven was trying to stretch the boundaries of music in his time period I explained the background of the Moonlight Sonata, the form of the piece, and the reasons why Beethoven composed it. Ludwig van Beethoven was an exceptional composer who will be remembered for many years. Not only because of his beautiful works, but also because he changed music in his time period.

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