Classical And Popular Performances Of Music Essay

Classical And Popular Performances Of Music Essay

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From all the readings and class discussions about performances, the concepts will be demonstrated by classical and popular performances of music. According to Bourdieu, “Music is the most ‘spiritual’ of the arts of the spirit and a love of music is a guarantee of spirituality” (Bourdieu). Music is considered to be art due to its sound, structure and feeling it gives to individuals. In addition, music has a variety of genres to classical music from Beethoven to pop culture music such as Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. Individuals listen, play and interpret music differently to others but in the end, people enjoy music and it is a form of art that will never go out of style. Similarly, the observation and experience of going into different types of concerts will show the changes of culture.
For the classical performance, I went to the National Gallery of art Museum in Washington D.C. A free admission concert of classical music in the art museum. Before the concert started, going into the art museum especially in the areas where they show paintings from the Renaissance and paintings that would be considered to be from the “Aristocratic” era, had the atmosphere of a classical decade. The performance that I was seeing is a Harpsichord player named Ignacio Prego, who was playing the classical works of Johannan Sebastian Bach, which is also part of the “Goldberg Variations” where the works of Bach . When I saw him play a classical instrument, I was astonished because I have never of anything like this before, especially a classical live performance. When I was hearing the performance, the first thing that came to my head was “This is not my type of music” also when I reacted to the performance it was almost a cultural shock to me. While ...

... middle of paper ... will be more electro dance concert to see.
In conclusion, music as a form of art makes an impact throughout the lives of people. It brings feeling and ‘spirituality’ from its sound. Having the experience of hearing live classical music for the first time, was something that got me out of my comfort zone and see how the works of classical music operate in a live performance. As for the popular performance, it was different atmosphere compared to the classical performance. Instead of people sitting down quietly listening to the concert, people were shouting and cheering to the DJ. With the experience of going into different concerts, it shows how culture has changed greatly as time goes by, and especially with the younger generation. Overall, with the changes of culture in the music area, individuals will considered it to be art regardless of its changes.

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