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The Classic Tale Of Cinderella Essay examples

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The classic tale of Cinderella is well known for the fight of overcoming great obstacles despite great odds. However, there are always a few ill-hearted people who go out of their way to cease any competition that they might face, as seen with Cinderella’s step-sisters. Samuel Jackson says is his distinguished quote, “The hunger of imagination…lures us to…the phantoms of hope,” to help develop a more defined view of a fairytale. The story of Cinderella fully embodies the ideals of a true fairytale by encompassing magic, hope, and struggle between good and evil throughout the duration of the plot.
The origins of the Cinderella story date back around the beginning of the first century, or as far back as oral stories have been told. Many variations of the story have been presented as time has progressed. For example, the tale has transformed from a Greek interpretation entailing “a slave girl rising to the status of an Egyptian queen” (Fedl). into the classic view of a mistreated maid becoming a princess. This princess interpretation of the Cinderella that we recognize today was set at the most noteworthy and well-known version of the fairytale with credit to the Grimm brothers. Despite popular belief, these men did not actually write the plot of this tale. Instead, the two German brothers simply wrote down the oral story passed down from generation to generation in a book with name of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. This book ranged from a wide range of fairy tales ranging from Rapunzel to Snow White and even Hansel and Gretel. Although the story has evolved over time, there have been lasting themes including a good versus evil struggle as well as magic and the poor overcoming the upper class. Since the publication of this book in 1812, the m...

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... that they are submissively insecure and believe that the prince would pick her over them. This cruel behavior that the step family uses toward Cinderella sets up a justifiable conflict of good versus evil. This story is seen as a proven fairytale with the extensive use of good versus evil conflict through the entirety of the storyline.
With the utilization of magic, hope, and conflict between good and evil, it is seen that the Cinderella story is characteristic of a legitimate fairytale. Fairytales are used for the purpose of inflicting life lessons and, “[luring] us to…the phantoms of hope.” These life lessons and hope taught by fairytales help to convey that all things are achievable, despite how great the odds may be. The classic tale of Cinderella has maintained this common idea throughout all the variations of the story for as long as the story has been around.

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