Class Size Reduction : Is It A Good Idea? Essay

Class Size Reduction : Is It A Good Idea? Essay

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Rebecca Allard
Professor Stashenko
Composition II
21 February 2016
Class Size Reduction: Is it a Good Idea?
It is about that time for families to start sending their children to school. The first thing that crosses their mind is “I hope my child gets the best education I can give them.” These parents want their children to excel in their math classes, pass that test in science class, and they want them to be the best they can be. These families want the teacher to give their child the best education that they can offer. So what if the best way that teachers could give the best education to that child was to have a class size reduction? What if the smaller the class, the more that child could achieve? That teacher would be able to focus on any struggles and also go through more material that was needed. This is a very important topic because it deals with children’s education and it becomes the issue if it is worth spending the money to actually reduce the class size. Class size reduction may be the best way to maximize student achievement.
There has been a study done to see if class size reduction (CSR) is really all that effective. The study that has been done is the Student Teacher Achievement Ratio (STAR) study. This was conducted in 1980 in Tennessee. This is where students and teachers were randomly assigned to classrooms. Some students and teachers were assigned to a smaller class which had an average of fifteen students while the other teachers and students were placed in larger classes which had an average of twenty-two students. The results that came from the study according to Center for American Progress was “small kindergarten classes outperformed students in the regular size classes on standardized tests by 15 perce...

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...s classrooms is not a good idea. That is going to tire out those teachers and make things more difficult for them and the students. Having more top performing teachers and having smaller classes would be the most beneficial. These teachers would then be able to use their performance and help these students academically succeed.
It certainly appears that a class size reduction to about fifteen students is the best option for these students. There does not have to be a class size reduction for all grades, but for kindergarten and first grade it is a crucial time to have a reduction. The studies that have been done for class size reduction have shown that it helps student achievement and makes everything easier for the students and teachers. The cost of this reduction is worth the district’s money because there should be no price tag on bettering children’s education.

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