Class Size Reduction in Schools of the United States Essay

Class Size Reduction in Schools of the United States Essay

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In recent years, the topic of class size reduction has come to light in the United States. "There is little doubt that reducing class size can boost student achievement in some circumstances," Matthew Chingos of the Brookings Institution Brown Center says. Class size reduction is becoming more and more demanded to help meet the needs of todays society and education. According to the Center For Public Education, 'student achievement in grades K-3 increased when the class size dropped'. Class size reduction has been debated about for years in the US and is now being extensively studied. Class size reduction continues to have positive affects on school districts and is now more commonly practiced in the United States because of the high demand and want. The STAR Project is the most well known study/experiment on class size reduction. Class size reduction is important because it allows students with learning disabilities to be discovered quicker and leads to less behavioral problems, they can lead to better behavior in students and earlier improvement of grades, and leads to fewer high school dropouts and more student success in high school.

Class size reduction can help lead to an earlier identification of students with learning disabilities and behavioral problems. If the student teacher ratio is reduced from, say, 26:1 to around 13-17:1, there is more one on one time opened up between the student and the teacher, thus making it easier for the teacher to discover if any of his/her students have a learning disability. According to, smaller class sizes can lead to less vandalism, fewer

suspensions and even fewer classroom distractions and disruptions from students. In most of the studies conducted, students showed better be...

... middle of paper ...

...who were in larger classes in elementary school. With a better learning

experience and a will to strive higher, smaller classes in elementary school lead to better decisions in high school.

Class size can have many affects on a student.The push for class size reduction in the United States is becoming more and more known as states like California, Florida and Washington do studies on the topic. Overall, there are many positive impacts to society using class size reduction. Class size reduction aids teachers and parents in finding students with learning disabilities and behavioral problems quicker, it leads to better student behavior and more academic improvement, and fewer high school drop outs and more successful high school students. Class size reduction has a positive impact on students, teachers, families and communities and should be done more in the future.

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