Class Size Is An Issue For Student Learning Essay

Class Size Is An Issue For Student Learning Essay

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Class size is an ongoing debate among educators and administration as well as the parents of students in a school district. Many people believe that the smaller the class size, the more one on instruction students receive which results in increased learning, higher grades and an overall positive atmosphere in the classroom. Being a part of Career Tech, my courses are mandated to have no more than 26 students, however, other classes in the building get loaded down with students because they “have nowhere else to put them”. This results in PE classes with 40 students as well as math and science courses with 30 or more. Not only is this a struggle for the students but a huge burden on the teacher as well. I strongly believe class size is an issue for student learning but also for teacher morale.
I will be using two scholarly sources in my research. The first is a study conducted by the Regional Examination Board in Cracow, Poland, which shows that the same issues occur in other parts of the world. The second is a research study that was published in the Journal of Policy Analysis and focuses more on costs of teacher employment and the lack of statistical data to require smaller class sizes. Both Scholarly studies show the pros and cons of smaller class size with limited bias toward one or the other but rather more statistical information. I will also discuss the importance of class size as described by an independent non-profit organization that collects data on schools to help parents learn about districts before moving their kids into them as well as an article from Education Week, an online resource dedicated to current issues in education. These last two anecdotal sources are written with perspectives in mind for educat...

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... gets to spend with their students would be far more beneficial for the student who has a hard time staying focused or doesn’t work well in large groups.
After researching the topic of class size, I am enlightened to more information then I previously believed as truth. All four articles were conclusive that smaller class sizes were beneficial for younger students as well as poor and minority students, but served no evidential reasoning for continuing through high school. Although teachers and parents like smaller class sizes, it can be detrimental to school district both financially and structurally. Although much research has been done on this topic it remains inconclusive as to actual findings either for or against smaller classes. I believe a lot more research needs to be done to fully grasp this issue and see if the pros outweigh the cons or vice versa.

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