Class Size : Does It Really Matter? Essay

Class Size : Does It Really Matter? Essay

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Class size: Does it really matter?
The correlation between the amount of students in a class and the overall achievement of students has been a highly controversial topic for some time now. Many people have been wondering if smaller class sizes really do help students perform better in school or not. I personally do better when I am in smaller classes and have better focus on the topic at hand. According to Jacqui Murray, teacher of 15 years and writer for Teachers Hub, things like class size, along with other things like per-pupil expenditure and percentage of teachers with advanced degrees, does not matter as much as we think it does. What does matter, according to a study talked about in her article "Bigger Can Be Better: Reasons Class Size Does NOT Matter," is receiving teacher feedback on a frequent basis, the use of data to guide instruction, increasing instruction time, and setting high expectations for students. In countries all over the world, they not only support larger class sizes, they love them. Larger class size means students learn problem-solving skills and they do ...

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