Class Privilege And Where You Live Essay

Class Privilege And Where You Live Essay

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Class Privilege & Where You Live
My socioeconomic status has influence on where I live. I currently reside in the suburbs, north of Toronto in a relatively white, upper to middle class community. Being located further from the city allows for somewhat affordable housing, but also has subliminal messages of safety and security. My middle class privilege allows me the freedom to be out at night in my neighbourhood without any huge concern for my safety. I have access to medical centres and I don’t fear getting sick as I know I am located close to many health facilities that will take good care of me, for free. I don’t have police constantly stationed in my area. I am not questioned for walking down the street. It is very frequent that an altercation happens but I reside with the security of knowing that I will be highly protected by police and enforcement if a dangerous situation arises. With all this to say it makes me question am I being catered to in my place of residence because of my socioeconomic status? I wonder is the lack of police presence in my community stemming from the fact that my community is pre-dominantly white and middle to upper class? Do I live in a community that indirectly suggests racism?
Living in this community I can assume its safe because of the lack of police presence, the social status of the people who occupy it as well as the lack of a heavily racialized community. This suggests that race is an intertwining factor of socioeconomic privilege. Understanding that, I can relate this to the way interpersonal oppression plays a role in my community. Interpersonal oppression incorporates the oppressive messages that we absorb from one group to another not of our own (Margles & Margles, 2010). Racism is som...

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...vileged frequently adopt this “not in my backyard” mentality where we may not be fully affected by it, so why care about it? I think having that mentality only furthers the gap between the privileged and the oppressed.

In conclusion, I have learned that having a certain socioeconomic privilege in society provides many advantages and only widens the gap between the classes. As a future Social Service Worker self-reflection is critical in understanding how my position in the middle class positively or negatively affects another class. Understanding my role will allow me to advocate for social change and close the gap that exists so strongly. While reflecting on socioeconomic class I was able to engage in the way other classes are disadvantaged and it broadened my understanding which has provided me with awareness that is vital in promoting social change.

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