Class Perception: Greener Grass Essay

Class Perception: Greener Grass Essay

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Have you ever taken the time to think of how different your life could’ve been? Whether you live on a farm in the middle of Nebraska, are a world renowned fashion designer rooted deep in the heart of New York City, or give skiing lessons on a weekly basis in Colorado, you may have pondered the idea of leading a different lifestyle. Yet, one large question remains: would your life be better if you led a different one? Just look around our society today and you see multitudes of people unsatisfied with the conditions of their life. It doesn’t matter if they’re a single mother, a rich architect, or a middle-class, run-of-the-mill student; anyone could suddenly feel the urge to change their present conditions. This statement of fact need not be proved though, for one could already guess that very few are truly happy inside and out. The real debatable question here is whether or not switching your way of living would genuinely alter your being in the positive way intended. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if any of the descriptions above describe you to a tee or if every situation is off the mark of your daily routine; No matter the life you live, the grass will never be greener on the other side. It’s one’s cognitive rationalization that changes circumstances, not change per se, and living with a mentality such as this is by no means beneficial for our being.
For starters, everybody experiences problems within their life. Not a day goes by where someone on the planet isn’t tested with an extremely trying situation. Thus, one should draw the conclusion that no matter where they go or what they do, difficulties will eventually arise and make their path moderately rocky. With no intent of sounding like an inspirational speaker, by foc...

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...easoning behind these alterations of environment and physical attributes are due to uncontrollable circumstance or a yearning for something new within our innermost soul no one may know. The only thing for certain is this: you have the power to make a change, a change that could benefit the world or a change that could continue the destruction of yourself.

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