Essay about Class Of Professional Values And Ethics

Essay about Class Of Professional Values And Ethics

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Prior to having the class of Professional Values and Ethics, I assumed I understood the basic concepts of what defines a professional who has competence of values and ethics. Nevertheless, by being enrolled in this course, I have gained great knowledge of which professional values and ethical principles must be held by a social worker, which I did not know before. Progressively in this class, by learning professional values and ethics, my motivation to succeed as an upcoming social worker has gotten stronger.
Throughout this course, I have learned essential ways to behave as a social worker. Prior to having this class, I was caught in an ethical dilemma at my former job. Without prior knowledge of ethical decision making models, I was able to weigh my options in a situation of protecting a client or protecting a colleague. Ultimately, because I upheld ethical standards from what I now know as the NASW Code of Ethics, I was already thinking as I was a social worker; which demonstrates that the social work field suits me. Initially, I have learned particularly on where my values stand, and that my decision in the ethical dilemma was probably for the best. Overall, I understand now that I was demonstrating ethical standards to weigh my options like upholding 1.01 Commitment to Clients and realizing my colleague went against 1.03 Informed Consent.
Because this semester was primarily my first in depth social work course, I have come to realize my sense of self and values have impacted my decision to advance in the social work field. I have always felt that my personality was fit for a helping profession. By learning the six core values of social work, I acknowledged that these values fit very well with my personal values. By this a...

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... to grasp. Dimitrijoska and Vladimir (2016) state that “[t]he social worker is responsible for his/her professional development and must continually work on gaining new knowledge and learning new methodologies (p. 55). Moreover, as I move forward in social work courses, I will need to take a few actions to ultimately become successful. I will need to do more research, whether it be scholarly articles or assigned texts. I would like to engage in my community by volunteering at more agencies, and making connections with the organizations and learning from social workers. The last step I would like to take is from this point forward, I would like to engage in mindfulness practices. This step in particular is for me to be able to have a healthy relationship with myself, so I am able to continue working for clients in the future, and be able to act as an effective helper

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