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In Gregory Mantsios’ “Class of America”, the author points out that even though women, racial, and minority groups have equal rights as the rest of the society, they are still being held down due to gender, race, and class. On the other hand, Langston Hughes’ poem “Democracy”, points out the speaker’s determination of wanting to have the same equality rights as the other person in the present and not wait for it to occur tomorrow or in the future. Even though Rosa Parks rode in the front of the bus, she was arrested by a white policeman for breaking the rules. Likewise, Hillary Clinton had a meeting with the members of the White House on Osana Bin Laden, but her face was taken out of the photo due to her gender as a woman. Hughes’ use of the words “seed” and “need” depicts the speaker’s strength and determination of having individual control. Both Hughes’ poem and Mantsio’s passage show how democracy is affecting our society. However, Hughes focuses on individual control, while Mantsios focuses on the specific concepts of women and race.
To begin with, in the 1950s, when Rosa Park...

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