Class Intermediate Composition : I Was A Terrible Writer Essay

Class Intermediate Composition : I Was A Terrible Writer Essay

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Up until this year, before taking the class intermediate composition, I thought I was a terrible writer. I was right. Writing isn’t something that I enjoy doing, nor am I good at. Writing is difficult for me because I’m not very good at explaining things in a professional manner, that can be easily well written. While writing you are expected to make little to no mistakes, which is not something I’m great at. I am so much better at explaining things with verbal words rather than written words. I had not taken any extra writing classes before this year rather than the mandatory ones. Like I had stated before, I hate writing, with a passion. I dread writing anything, especially an essay for school, like this one. I’m a very open person when it comes to verbal communication, but I sometimes find it hard to explain what I am thinking in words. For me, words easily flow out of me, but writing them takes time. It’s not easy for me, which is another reason I didn’t take any other writing classes before this one. My skills coming into this class were little to none. I was never good at writing essays. In middle school my mom would always have to look through my essay and would always make me change what I said, mainly because it made little to no sense to anybody but myself. I could never spend a lot of time on the essays. I would always end up doing my essays at the last possible minute, like this one. I needed to work on everything. Grammar, word choice, punctuation, dialogue, and even managing my time. Although I haven’t perfected them all, I like to think that I’ve at least improved a little bit. Except for the time management part. Even after writing all these essays I still aren’t used to them,...

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..., which is why I end up using the same few words. After developing and working on my portfolio I have truly realized that writing a good essay takes time. It is not something that can or should be done at the very last minute. It needs to be well thought out and well written to be a good paper. Nothing can be perfected in such a short amount of time. I kind of regret not giving the papers that I have written the most effort I could possibly give. I lacked motivation. I hope that after all these stressful, last minute essays, I will finally learn to manage my time and take these type of assignments more seriously. Although I have learned a good amount from taking this class, I can’t say I’m disappointed it’s over. I am glad that all these weekly essays are finally coming to a close. I just hope that I don’t need to write half as much in Sci-Fi next semester.

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