Class in Virginia Wolf´s Novel Mrs. Dalloway Essay

Class in Virginia Wolf´s Novel Mrs. Dalloway Essay

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Class is something that is stressed in the twentieth century. Class is what identified someone to something. These classes could have been money, love, having a disability and many others. In Virginia Woolf’s novel Mrs. Dalloway there are many different types of relationships. In the novel, the reader learns that Clarissa’s husband Richard and her party planning is dominating her, as where Lucrezia’s husband, Septimus, is dominating her. The domination seen in these two ladies is love. Love is an overwhelming power that can influence someone to do something they might have not thought about all the way through, which can ultimately affect their life in the future.
Domination in a relationship can have serious consequences. A relationship is expected to be between two people, with equal amounts of communication and listening. When one dominates another, this rule is broken. If one person does all the talking and none of the listening, there is a problem in that relationship. This example can be seen in Lucrezia and Septimus’s marriage. The relationship will become affected and can be categorized as different type. There becomes a distinct sender and receiver. Which can be seen in Clarissa’s relationship with party planning. For example is she planning, setting up and inviting all the guests to the party, because the party is very important, and she wants to look good in front of everyone.
Firstly, the reader learns that Lucrezia Smith is currently married to Septimus Warren Smith, whom was a World War I veteran suffering from a type of mental illness. After learning about Septimus’ mental illness, the reader can learn that her husband’s mental illness dominates her. On page fifteen the reader can see at first hand how difficult the...

... middle of paper ...

...e life.
All and all, any relationship you get into can greatly affect your life. No matter if it is with a person or an activity. Lucrezia is a very caring wife, who sometimes gets frustrated by her husband’s mental illness. Septimus is a veteran who is facing many of his problems. He is very dependent on Lucrezia and the reader can understand how he dominates her. On the other hand, Clarissa is seen as a hard worker to many of her friends and family, which is very accurate. However, Clarissa is dominated by her husband, because she us unsure if she made the right choice, and by her party planning ability. These dominations focus on how these can affect your everyday life. Love and activities take part in a person’s everyday life. Lucrezia and Clarissa both care about what they do everyday, and that is know because they put up with the men and drama in their life.

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