Class Implementation Of The Affordable Care Act Essay

Class Implementation Of The Affordable Care Act Essay

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Professor and Class,
Share with the class implementation of the Affordable Care Act in your organization. (If you are not working as a nurse, think about what was happening when you were a pre-licensure student).
By now, every health care professionals should be quite familiar with what the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) entails and the reason why it was implemented in 2010. Even though the warning was given that nurses were going to see a big change in how we deliver care to our patients, the institution that I work was prepared for the challenges. Once nurses were informed about these changes that were about to be legislated, we were having staff meetings basically bi-weekly. Our organization took to first step to find out who are the nurses that will need basic computer training. Like anything else, I am that individual who concentrates on accuracy because I know that over-time my speed would follow. It did not matter which department that you work, it was now mandatory that all employees had to go back to computer class.
As we progressed through computer training, management had the Information Technology Department busily preparing for a new computer system called “EPIC” that would change the way the entire organization communicated or interfaced with every department. The Emergency room was not exempted either. Once management felt that the staff was ready, the “go-live” date was announced and as usual, my institution is known to implement new changes on the night shift; the “going-live” was very chaotic and many of my peers including myself felt very flustered and overwhelmed. The doctors were not happy, some protested, but without resolution, they quickly adopted.
In a nut-shell, I watched ov...

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...he Market Place is determined by your demographic location, age, the amount of people that are living in your household and your income. Personally speaking, I believe we should all have insurance, but to discriminate against people who worked hard and have unforeseen issues, they should not be forced to buy insurance that they cannot afford. The less you pay, the higher your out-of-pocket expenses are. On the other hand, as you get deeper into the inner cities, those people who are underprivileged and disenfranchised were elated. What is noticeable is that, the newly insured citizens are now able to have their own health care providers and can have preventative care rendered. The hospital emergency rooms are not flooded with non-emergent issues. Notwithstanding, I believe that apart from the Medicaid services, the insurance companies stand to benefit the most.

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