Class Discipline Strategies Used By The Classroom Essay

Class Discipline Strategies Used By The Classroom Essay

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“Effective Strategies”
After having interviewed a middle grade teacher for a description on how class discipline is addressed in the classroom and also in the entire school, the answers I received impressed me a lot since the strategies used are pretty much similar to the ones used by Educational Psychologists. In present time it is very important for a teacher to understand that not all students are the same, for this reason it is even more important that each and every teacher to apply as many ideas as Educational Psychologist do.
During the interview there were many questions asked about the class discipline strategies used by the teacher, the first one that was addressed was that the teacher first tries to understand the situation of the child personal life. First teacher investigates, rather than assume what might be causing a misbehavior during class. According to the textbook it is very important that a teacher looks into the children’s background whenever there is a problem conduct. For instances, during the interview the teacher mentioned that there was a child in her class who was very aggressive towards others and that the child never completed homework when assigned. Before the teacher punished this child she wanted to make sure the child was in a safe living environment at home. After a conference with the parents’ teacher noticed that they were a very low income family and father was a drug addict who abused his wife. The teacher came to the conclusion that the child was imitating the behavior of the father. Unfortunately, there are many cases like this one, that not only is the parent failing in being a good role model for the child but it will eventually shape up the child to become an aggressive person as an adul...

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...nd will also prevent students from wanting to cause problems. However if the teacher finds themselves using prepared techniques too often, this might mean that the teacher might start planning new strategies.
To conclude, after reviewing the strategies used to address class discipline by the interviewed teacher, there is a great comparison to the strategies and suggestions Educational Psychologists use. Strategies used to help keep in control students are, understanding the situation with the student, avoiding threats, seeking help from experts, and planning ahead strategies. This facts are not only used by teachers, but also advised by Psychologists. The ideas described above are, without a doubt, effective and used correctly. The teacher interviewed is doing a great job in correcting behavior and concurrently following the guidelines of Educational Psychologists.

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