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Class Based Affirmative Action Essay

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A class-based system would help eliminate the race factor that goes along with the current affirmative action. In addition, it would diminish the perception that minorities are given unearned admission. I too agree with this change, as many of my friends believe that I have received the scholarships I have and gained entry into certain schools simply because of my race. If this change in the current affirmative action mandate were to take place it would alter their beliefs and they would realize that not only did I deserve those scholarships but I also needed them.
The University of Texas has made way in class-based affirmative action by creating a non-race based affirmative action model known as the Top Ten Model. This model guarantees that every Texas student who graduates in the top ten percent of their high school class will receive admission to the university. Many have argued that this still leaves out specific majors and classes that are not diversified and minority students with higher test scores that are not in the top ten percent. The courts ruled against the plaintiffs’ argument and the model still stands in place today.
Many people believe that affirmative action is hurtful to minorities and women as it tells them the only way they can succeed is through the policy’s help. Although this may be true in some cases, studies and review cases have said otherwise. Affirmative action actually raises self-esteem as it provides them with the opportunity to advance in academic and employment opportunities. In fact, many big named corporations such as, AT&T, IBM and Sears have increased minority employment since they began using affirmative action. I do not think anyone would be upset with the chance to get ahead in life.
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