Class At Normal Park Museum Magnet School Essay

Class At Normal Park Museum Magnet School Essay

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This semester I had the pleasure to be in Mrs. Smith’s kindergarten class at Normal Park Museum Magnet School. For the last four months I was able to observe and do a guided reading lesson. During this time I was able to reflect over what I have learn from Teacher Reading and connect it to what I have seen happen in my classroom during Guided Reading, writing, and reading. During Professional Development School I had the opportunity to see many different reading levels and see how my teacher taught her many different reading levels.
In kindergarten at Normal Park the grade will study an author for one month. They would read many books by that author that would go along with their module. When introducing the new book Mrs. Smith would show the students the book, read the title, and ask the students what they think the book is about. During interactive read-aloud literature discussion, Mrs. Smith will start reading to the students and stopping throughout the book to ask questions. Before she starts reading she will give the students a prompt to think about while she is reading, and after she has read the book she will ask the same question again. Some things she would ask the students would be, “What do you think will happen next?” or “Do you think that was a nice thing for the character to do?”. Mrs. Smith would do this throughout the reading and it gets the students to think about the readings. One discussion the students would go over would be the text structure. The main topic the kindergarten class would talk about would be the beginning, middle, and end. The students know that the beginning is where you meet all the characters, setting, and plot. The middle is the problem, and finally the ending is the solution. After readi...

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...nd ask a student what letter is missing, she will do this until each student has a turn and each letter has been erased at least once. Another way Mrs. Smith goes over spelling is each student gets magnetic letters and they have to spell the sight word that they are currently spelling. This activity is called “Mix ‘n’ Fix” once the student a spelt the word correctly they have to point at each letter and then say the word and then Mrs. Smith will mix the letters up and the student spells it again. The last way Mrs. Smith practice sight words is called “Table Writing”. The students say the word as they use their finger to write the word out. I think this is a great strategy to use because when you are actually writing words you don’t say each letter as you write you say the word. By doing this the students are hearing what the word sounds like and they are writing it.

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