Class And The Class Is Not Popcorn Reading Essay

Class And The Class Is Not Popcorn Reading Essay

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When Mr. Smith is not reading aloud to the class and the class is not popcorn reading during Literacy Block, the students are participating in silent reading. “Reading silently allows students to experience things they may never be able to do, but through the lens of novels students can go anywhere at any time. Reading also allows students to see how writing works in the real world; it is not formulaic. Students can discover what voice sounds like through reading a variety of genres. Students can rediscover the joys of reading, but for some it may be a first discovery” (Flores, 2015). When students get the opportunity to read aloud, they see how words work together to form a sentence, build up their vocabulary and really start to put their phonemic awareness into action.
Something that the teacher candidate really enjoyed observing was the way Mr. Smith would frequently stop and make sure everyone understood what they just read. Mr. Smith would direct the question to mostly the ELL students, especially James; a Puerto Rican who just moved to the United States with his family less than a year ago. If James or another student does not comprehend what was read, Mr. Smith asks the student what exactly they don’t understand or where they “got lost”.
“Once students acknowledge that they can and should be in control of their reading, they need to know when they are confused. There are indicators that help readers know when confusion or mind wandering is setting in. Many students don’t recognize they are confused until it is too late. If students can recognize signals that indicate confusion, they can stop temporarily and decide how to help themselves” (Tovani, 2000. p. 37).
Mr. Smith is helping his students comprehend what they are...

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...a person analyzing the test alone. Both teacher-directed and student-directed discussion can help students understand and interpret literature” (Honig, 2013 p. 643). The teacher candidate believes that allowing the students to talk to their peers helped them clarify the ending and even made them realize some things they might not have themselves.
The teacher candidate spent over twenty hours in this fifth-grade classroom learning many new things. The way children are being taught in school has changed a lot recently. Literacy once was once known simply as the ability to read and write. Today it 's about being able to make sense of and engage in advanced reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Literacy is now incorporated into every aspect of the classroom and is an essential skill for students to have in order to do well in school and the years that follow.

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