Class And Economic Inequality : A Positive Impact On The Lives Of Poor Women

Class And Economic Inequality : A Positive Impact On The Lives Of Poor Women

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Discussions surrounding class and economic inequality are things that feminism does and should continue to contribute to. A positive impact in the lives of women of all classes can be achieved through the implementation of some of the fundamental principles of feminism, which includes the provision of equal opportunity, regardless of sex. When correctly applied, feminism has the potential to make its biggest impact on the lives of poor women. Economically disadvantaged women typically find themselves trapped in a situation that requires them to manage the heavy demands of their families and their careers. This situation typically affects them more than their upper class counterparts. Therefore, when it comes to the issue of economic inequality, feminism is invaluable because it can bring to the forefront many of the institutional and cultural barriers that hold poor women back. This includes the burden of raising children and maintaining a household, while at the same time, attempting to make a living and potentially advance in the workplace. These are challenges that women of different classes tend to overcome with contrasting solutions because of the resources that they have at their disposal. In the following pages, I will first assert the idea that class should matter to feminism because class divides the experiences of women. Class differences typically leads many women who are from lower classes to receive a palpable disadvantage in life. Then, I will introduce the argument that feminism has already helped some women erase many of the major of the economic inequalities that they faced in the past. Finally, I will make the case that feminist thought should become involved in the discussions of class and economic inequality no...

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...uld have the expectation placed upon them that they actively participate in the traditional motherly and paternal duties of home care and the provision of monetary funds for the family. That might help to break the cycle of poor women falling into stereotypical gender roles.
However, until the ultimate destruction of gender norms occurs, it is probably best to settle for the incremental improvement of a woman’s place in society and the overall economic improvement that comes along with it. In conclusion, feminism has a huge role that it can play in advocating for the liberalization of women, especially those who find themselves near the bottom rung on the socioeconomic ladder. Feminism has helped to raise women from their economic status before and it surely has the power to do so now, so long as its message continues to dismantle barriers for women across the globe.

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