Essay about Clary's Transition from Mermaid to the Human World

Essay about Clary's Transition from Mermaid to the Human World

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'I'm so getting out of here,' Clary thought, as she tightened the strap on the brown sack, swinging over her arm, and swam out. The same strange ominous feeling still lingered inside of Lilith's creepy lair. There was nothing but complete darkness, her fingers found a brass handle connected to the wooden door, she opened it and shut it behind her. She once again traveled through the same hallway of demon statues, each of their razor-sharp fangs still glowed with the red crimson light. Her eyes adjusted, there was a door ahead. She opened the entryway door, swimming out and shut it quietly behind her.

The ocean waters were calm and gentle, while the whirlpools that she had seen on the way had vanished, and small amounts of boiling hot orange lava trickled down the rock sides of the volcanos. She passed by the half sunken skeletons, buried in the yellow sand. Squid both big and small darted back and forth. The dark waters of her home were silent, she swam easily and freely. The journey back to the palace took not as much time. She came upon the palace grounds, everything was absolutely quiet, the music done playing, and the lights extinguished.

She swam by a cluster of silver rocks which were not too far from the palace garden. Clary's green eyes caught her reflection the glass. The creäture in the glass was still very much a mermaid, but her eyes were sad and mournful. There were a row of them, she took some time to look at each reflection, but it seemed like forever to her. 'This will be the very last time I ever see myself as a mermaid, when I finally reach the human world, I'll take on a human form, and I'm not going to change back.'

She glanced over her shoulder at the palace, thinking of her friends and family especially J...

... middle of paper ...

... tiny starts that sparkled like a thousand diamonds. The moon glowed brightly its radiance reflecting in the dark water, round and luminous as a pearl, the ocean was calm and gentle. A late summer breeze added warmth to the water.

A gentle breeze floated along the quiet and peaceful beach while the air smelled fresh and clean, mixed with a hint of honey and lilac. Simon shook out the remaining water from his curly brown hair, and turned to look at his best friend. Clary floated beside him, her eyes looking at the ocean, while her hand rested on her neck. Sadness and guilt played inside of her heart, as he realized that she hadn't said a single word on their way to the surface because she no longer had a voice.

He gently reached over, taking her hand into his and squeezed it, a warm smile in place. "Don't worry Clary, everything's going to be all right, I promise,"

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