Essay on Clara's Day

Essay on Clara's Day

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Clara's Day

1. Summary

The story follows a 15 year old school girl from London named Clara and takes place around the 70's. One day, during the school assembly, Clara decides to undress in front of her classmates, teachers and the Headmaster, but does not achieve the desired reaction as all she gets are pats on her back from her school mates and a calm and collected talk with the Headmaster.

Clara returns home, a while after school is finished and finds her mother sitting at the table. The only acknowledgement she gets is a casual greeting. Her mother's boyfriend Stan, a man Clara has some aversion to, is not home.

A couple of days later, her mother gets a letter from the Headmaster describing the incident at school. Both she and Stan finds the episode amusing, and merely laughs at the event before leaving Clara alone at the table, crying.

2. Characterization of Clara

To the people around her, Clara looks and behaves much like the average 15 year old girl. She is well behaved, maybe a little prude, and makes an effort to spend time with her friends after school. She is not...

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