Essay about Clara Schumann, a Musician in Her Own Right

Essay about Clara Schumann, a Musician in Her Own Right

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Clara Schumann was a concert pianist born to Frederick Wieck and Marianne Tromlitz in Leipzig, Germany on September 13, 1819 (Comminfo). Clara was the second of five children and the daughter of a prominent music teacher and piano proprietor (Friedrich Wieck) and an opera soprano singer (Marianne Tromlitz). She died in 1896, renowned as a classical pianist and composer in the nineteenth-century Romantic style. During her height of popularity, the press deemed Clara as the “Queen of the Piano” (Schumann, Clara [Josehpine], The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music).
Despite Clara’s professional and popular success, she was also a captive of her time and the prevailing social norms in a male dominated culture. Unfortunately, as a woman, critics at the time defined Clara not so much on her talent and accomplishments as those of her father and husband, Friedrich Wieck and German composer Robert Schumann respectively. As a performing pianist, she publicly championed her husband’s keyboard works while minimizing her unique playing style and music compositions. Some of her association with her husband is undoubtedly a reflection of her professional selflessness and devotion to her husband. However, in some part, the subordination of her achievements reflects the supremacy of males during her lifetime. Today, Clara Wieck Schumann professional accomplishments are in a process of renaissance in the classical music industry as the interest of role of women in history has grown.
Indeed, when Clara’s life is examined independently of her father and husband specifically, it is a rather difficult one. Her mother left Clara when she was five, and her father, Friedrich Wieck, a controlling and dictatorial but musically informed...

... middle of paper ... increasingly performing and recording Clara’s songs, piano pieces, choral pieces, and three Romances for violin and piano (Kamien).

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