Civilian Review Board For Police Department Essay

Civilian Review Board For Police Department Essay

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The existence of the civilian review board dates back around the 1920s, started in the United Stated as an aid to police departments in conducting external reviews after investigations by the department internal affairs. Civilian review boards has the authority only review and recommend discipline if needed, they have no authority to investigate. Civilian review boards can either find the innocence or guilt of an officer after the initial investigation of the police department has been conducted. Citizens seeking justice within their community, involving an officer of the law enforcement due to his or her unethical behavior or misconduct utilizes this option. They may feel as if the police department failed to thoroughly investigate there case, or the case was closed unknowingly. Civilian review board member consists of non-members of the police department trained with knowledge of the policies and procedures of the police department, normally appointed by the Mayor of the community or a high ranking official of the Government.

The Need for Oversight
The continuation of corruption and deadly force within law enforcement agencies has been a going issue in the United States. There has been a need to oversee the unethical behaviors and misconduct from officers of the law by the civilian review board. According the Prenzler(2000), in the United Stated, the Knapp Commission in New York is recognized as one of the first inquiries to significantly break the cycle of reform and corruptions (p. 660). The civilian review boards were created as a response to the negative outcry of the citizens within the communities after questionable actions taken by police officers were conducted. According to (Ferdik et al., 2013), the back...

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... more unique ways to inform and training officers of the overall mission of the department. Due to the lack authority of the civilian review board and the loss of trust from citizens, the relationship between the police and its community are on shaking grounds. In order to restore the bond of trust between the police and its community, the police department should implement the Saint Leo University core values responsibility of stewardship into their ethics and code of conduct. Looking into the world we are giving unlimited resources, in order to connect with others either through direct or indirect contact the resources should be fully researched and learned in order to prosper and flourish as a unit. We our blessed within ourselves to carrier out certain duties ensuring the understanding of other person is thought of before unreasonable decisions are made.

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