The Civil War Was A Ticking Time Bomb Essay

The Civil War Was A Ticking Time Bomb Essay

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The factors in the regional development of the United States from 1800 onward, such as the crusades against slavery, the Compromise of 1850, and the arguments involving the admission of several states, both free and slave states, corroborate that the Civil War was, indeed, inevitable. There was no way to predict the outcome of these events; however, looking back in history, it is easy to tell that the Civil War was a ticking time bomb.
By the end of the eighteenth century, the antislavery movement had helped remove most of the slavery in the North and led to the legal obstruction of the international slave trade in 1808. At first the people who opposed slavery were calm and not very violent; they expressed their disapproval of human bondage. In 1817, a group of distinguished Virginians framed the American Colonization Society (ACS), which worked cautiously and diligently to question slavery without offending southern property rights or sensibilities. By 1830, the early antislavery movement was growing weak and the people who were against slavery reached an apparent dead end. However in 1831, a man named William Lloyd Garrison founded a weekly newspaper called the Liberator. He had been born in Massachusetts and as a young adult he worked for another man against slavery named Benjamin Lundy. He shared the same hatred towards slavery, and his own philosophy became well known. He was extremely straightforward in his belief of viewing this issue from the point of view of the black man, as opposed to the point of view of the white slave owner. In his first issue of the Liberator he wrote with such severity that everyone knew he meant business. With words like those he quickly attracted a considerable amount of followers who were also...

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...both new states was to be determined by popular sovereignty. This infuriated opponents of slavery, and it led to the “death” of the Whig Party. Supporters and opponents of slavery came together in Kansas. In the spring of 1855, a vote took place to determine whether Kansas would be a slave state or a free state. At first there were only about 1,500 legal voters in the state but many pro-slavery advocates voted illegally which swelled the vote to over 6,000. Pro-slavery forces elected a majority to the legislature, which legalized slavery. This turned into a heated fight within the state of Kansas. So many people were killed, in fact, that this became known as “Bleeding Kansas”. After the chaos Stephen Douglass ran for president against Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln won the presidential election and that was when the inevitable happened. The Civil War had officially begun.

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