The Civil War Was A Long Time Coming Essay

The Civil War Was A Long Time Coming Essay

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When thinking about the necessity of war it is always hard to determine when it ever really is essential for change to be made. There are different sides of a war and while sometimes many, in simplest form there are really only two sides of a war. Both sides of a war are said to be correct depending on whom is telling the story or argument. In the case of the Civil War slavery was the main opposition through this time and the division was through the North and the South. On the subject of the Civil War being a battle to be avoid it would have to be no. The Civil War was a long time coming. There are many reasons as to why America could not have continued with such opposing views on the ownership of slaves. With such an issue of an individual’s independence being questioned in the land of the free; how could two very strong and powerful groups of opinions not come to a head. The reason that the North and South could not have just agreed to disagree is simple. The first reason why they could not just let still water sit is because the leader of the United States of America had a side to choose because as stated earlier you have to pick one team; there is no real third party in decisions as such. The second reasoning for there not to have been a half enslaved country and half free is because of a new religious and theoretical awakening throughout the North, or the Union. The third reasoning for the inevitable war in America over the issue of slavery is the uprising and revolts in other areas. This type of revolutionary acts and events typically are not isolated in one area for such a profound difference. To summarize Abraham Lincoln the leader’s views, the new religious awakening in America, and surrounding areas uprising are why the...

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...groups were not going to be able to just drop the issue of independence. The reason that the North and South could not have just agreed to disagree is not complex. In the case of the Civil War slavery was the main opposition through this time and the division was through the North and the South. On the subject of the Civil War being a battle to be avoid it would have to be no. The Civil War was a long time coming and there was not going to be another way to come to a decision. There will always be different sides of a war and while sometimes it will seem to be hundreds of opinion that come in; really there are really only two sides of a war. As to who is correct in a war it really depends on what side of the field that is being heard. The necessity of war it will always be difficult to determine; however, in some instances war really is not an option just the answer.

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