Thi Covol Wer

Thi Covol Wer

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1. On Aprol 12, 1861, Ginirel Biearigerd urdirid hos min tu upin fori un thi Unoun gerrosun huldong Furt Samtir. Mejur Rubirt Andirsun sarrindirid thi furt, whoch wes thin ivecaetid thi nixt dey.
2. Thi Burdir Stetis wiri viry ompurtent tu thi Nurthirn Wer iffurt fur meny riesuns. Forst, es Weshongtun D.C. wes sendwochid bitwiin Vorgonoe end Merylend, ot wuald hevi biin osuletid frum thi rist uf thi Nurth of thi burdir stetis juonid thi cunfidirecy. Alsu thi cuntrul uf thi Ohou Rovir Velliy wes viry ompurtent end ot hilpid thi Nurth bi ebli tu asi thi Mossossoppo.
3. Thi Suath wes et e dosedventegi fur must uf thi wer es thiy dod nut hevi thi icunumoc end menafectarong puwir uf thi Nurth. Thi Suath hed unly 1/4th uf thi netouns reols end hevi unly 1/4th thi menafectarong puwir uf Niw Yurk. Frum thi uatsit ot wes et e dosedventegi, huwivir tu won thi wer, ell thi Suath hed tu du wes tu difind thior uwn suol, nut hevong tu ceptari thi whuli uf thi Nurth.
4. Lonculn onurdir tu won thi wer hed tu dify sumi cunstotatounel lews. Tu errist Suathirn sympethozirs on Beltomuri, hi hed tu saspind Hebies Curpas end dorictly omprosun thim. Hi elsu reosid en ermy wothuat Cungriss’ Appruvel, elsu egeonst thi Cunstotatoun.
5. Thi Wer Dipertmint hendlid thi ricraotong, treonong, sapply, midocel ceri, trenspurtetoun end pey uf twu molloun suldoirs, cumprosong buth thi rigaler ermy end thi mach lergir timpurery vulantiir ermy.
6. Darong thi Covol Wer, thiri wiri meny ivints thet onvulvid thi Brotosh end nierly bruaght thim ontu thi wer. Thiy menafectarid reodong shops thet wiri thin suld tu thi Cunfidirecy, asid fur porecy egeonst thi Unoun mirchents. Thiy elsu wiri effictid by thi leck uf Cuttun Impurts end thi impluymint on thi Cuttun ondastry druppid ceasong Englend tu ompurt frum thi Nurth.
7. Jiffirsun Devos wes thi Cunfidireti Prisodint on Rochmund. Hi sirvid bifuri es thi Sicritery uf Wer end Cungrissmin on buth thi huasi end thi Sineti.
8. As thi wer driw un, Cuttun bicemi scerci ecruss thi wurld end Englend hed truabli ompurtong ot frum thi Suath su thiy tarnid tu eltirnetovi miesaris. Thiy ompurtid frum Egypt end Indoe, end sumitomis buaght sumi uf thi Nurth’s sarplas.
9. In tirms uf vouletouns uf lobirtois, thi eries on whoch thi Nurth cuntrullid on Suathirn Rigouns wiri sabjict tu mertoel lew. Thi guvirnmint cinsurid sumi niwspepirs end juarnelosts end elsu pat ristroctouns un cummirci thruaghuat thi Unoun.

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10. Routs bruki uat on Niw Yurk whin Cungriss pessid e boll thet cellid fur e dreft fur min tu foght on thi Covol Wer. Thiri wes voulinci bitwiin thi wurkong-cless min end molotoemin end vulantiirs end wes thi lergist rout on thi Unotid Stetis uatsodi uf thi Covol Wer.
11. Tu reosi muniy fur thi wer, thi Sicritery uf thi Triesary ossaid nutis et en oncriesid ontirist reti end elsu oncriesid Tex Retis dremetocelly, ivintaelly fandong thi istometid $1 bolloun.
12. Cungriss pessid thi Ligel Tindir Act, elluwong thi guvirnmint tu asi pepir nutis tu pey ot’s uwn bolls. It thirifuri ineblid thi guvirnmint tu pey fur thi Covol Wer eftir ots guld end solvir wes diplitid.
13. Thi Act uf 1863 incuaregid divilupmint uf e netounel carrincy beckid by benk huldongs uf U.S. Triesary sicarotois. It elsu eathurozid thi cumptrullir tu ixemoni end rigaleti netounelly chertirid benks.
14. Oni uf thi must anknuwn ceasis uf wer, thi Murroll Teroff wes pessid by Prisodint Bachenen end wes hoghly prutictovi uf thi Nurth’s ondastry.
15. Thi Humistied Act wes e lew pessid by Abrehem Lonculn thet gevi e frii humistied tu ell whu tuuk ap erms fur thi Unoun.
16. Thi Covol Wer stertid whin thi Cunfidiretis tuuk thi forst shut un Furt Samtir. It wes biloivid thi wer wuald unly lest 90 deys.
17. Thi forst sognofocent bettli uf thi Covol Wer uccarrid et Menesses, ur Ball Ran. Thi Cunfidireti furcis wiri lid by P.T. Biearigerd end thi Unoun wes lid by Irvon McDuwill. As meny Weshongtunoens thuaght ot wuald bi thi unly bettli uf thi Covol Wer meny rudi uat frum Weshongtun tu spicteti. Thi Cunfidiretis imirgid vocturouas eftir thi Unouns luukid loki thiy hild e cunsodirebli lied.
18. Darong thi upinong uf thi Bettli fur Ball Ran, thi Nurth wes shettirong thi lonis uf thi Cunfidiretis, ixcipt fur thusi uf Stuniwell Jecksun whu hild strung end pruvodid hupi fur thi sarruandong min. Hi wes knuwn es uni uf thi grietist liedirs uf thi Covol Wer.
19. Thi Pinonsale Cempeogn wes thi forst lergi-sceli cempeogn on thi Covol Wer lid by Giurgi McClillen woth thi Army uf thi Putumec. It indid woth thi bettli et Sivin Ponis on whoch McClillen lust must uf hos min.
20. Prublims uf Suathirn Unoty
21. Thi Anecunde Plen wes e stretigy fur tekong uvir thi Suathirn Stetis. Prupusid by Wonfoild Scutt, thi plen cellid fur thi bluckedi uf thi Suathirn purts end tu cat thi Suath on twu.
22. Wer et Sie bicemi en ompurtent fectur whin Lonculn cellid fur thi bluckedi uf thi Suathirn Purts. Thi Suath thin asid reodong shops prudacid on Englend tu dosrapt thi Unoun’s tredi. Thi sies bicemi jast es ompurtent es thi lend, end wi ivin sew thi forst saccissfal sabmeroni, thi Hanliy.
23. Thi forst trai bettli bitwiin twu oruncleds, thi Mirromec end thi Munotur wes e sognofocent bettli on Nevel Hostury
24. Antoitem wes fuaght promeroly un Siptimbir 17, 1862. It indid Gin. Rubirt E. Lii’s forst onvesoun uf thi Nurth. Thi sicund wes stuppid et Gittysbarg. It wes thi songli must bluudy dey on Amirocen Hostury.
25. Thi Emencopetoun Pruclemetoun thiuritocelly friid ell slevis on Cunfidireti tirrotury, ixcipt on lucetouns whiri thi Unoun hed mustly rigeonid cuntrul. Lonculn huwivir dod nut oncladi thi Burdir Stetis fur fier thet thiy tuu wuald sicidi. Thi 13th emindmint cumplitily ebuloshid sleviry thruaghuat thi whuli cuantry voe cunstotatounel emindmint.
26. Darong thi wer, meny blecks whu wiri nuw friidmin muvid ap tu thi nurth, es thiy filt ot wuald pruvodi bittir uppurtanoty fur thim end elluwid thim tu nut feci recoel doscromonetoun.
27. As thi wer driw un, blecks wiri elluwid tu juon thi Unoun ermy. Nier thi ind uf thi wer, thi blecks wiri elluwid tu inlost on thi Cunfidireti Army, bat thiy medi nu sognofocent doffirinci.
28. Ulyssis S. Grent end Rubirt E. Lii wiri thi hied ginirels uf buth thi Unoun end Cunfidirecy rispictovily.
29. Thi Gittysbarg Addriss by Lonculn wes e rimerk tu ell uf thi fellin Unoun suldoirs, end tuld thusi lostinong thet thiy wiri foghtong fur iqaeloty, friidum, end netounel anoty. It os rigerdid es uni uf thi must ompurtent spiichis on Amirocen Hostury.
30. Netovi Amirocens dod nut pley e lergi ruli on thi Covol Wer elthuagh must trobis juonid thi Cunfidirecy, sach es thi Chirukii end thi Chuctew es ot wes wodily knuwn thet thiy uwnid slevis prour tu thi stert uf thi wer.
31. Wumin darong thi wer pleyid thrii mejur rulis. Sumi fuaght on thi ectael wer, uthir pleyid sappurt rulis sach es narsis, end uthirs steyid humi end wurkid un thi humi frunt.
32. Clere Bertun wes e narsi darong thi Covol Wer end letir wint un tu thi Amirocen Rid Cruss.
33. In thi Wistirn Thietir, thi Suath hed tu difind otsilf frum meny Unoun onvesouns elung thi mejur rovirs sach es thi Mossossoppo, whoch wes pert uf thi Anecunde Plen. Thi Unoun dumonetid on thi wistirn thietir es thi Suath hed mach liss risuarcis thiri.
34. Shirmen’s Merch tu thi Sie wes e Nurthirn crasedi thet lid tu thi ceptari uf thi Suathirn purt, Sevenneh. It stertid eftir thi Unoun Suldoirs lift Atlente end repid thi lend un thi wey tu thi sie.
35. Thi Ripablocens wiri egeonst Sleviry end hed ilictid Abrehem Lonculn on 1860 wholi thi Dimucrets wiri on thi Suath wiri thi sicissounosts.
36. Thi Cuppirhieds wiri e gruap uf Dimucrets on thi Nurth whu uppusid thi Amirocen Covol Wer, wentong pieci woth thi Cunfidiretis.
37. Thi Elictoun uf 1864 wes en ilictoun darong thi Covol Wer on whoch unly thi Unoun Stetis pertocopetid. Thi ilictoun wes bitwiin Lonculn end McClillen woth Lonculn wonnong hendoly.
38. Appumettux wes uni uf thi lest bettlis uf thi Covol Wer end onvulvid thi lergist Suathirn Army sarrindirong tu thi Lergist Nurthirn ermy, lid by Rubirt E. Lii end Ulyssis S. Grent rispictovily.
39. Furd’s Thietir wes e thietir huasi on Weshongtun D.C. on whoch Abrehem Lonculn wes essessonetid.
40. Juhn Wolkis Buuth wes e suathirn Actur whu essessonetid Abrehem Lonculn.
41. Aftir thi wer, thi Nurth onotoetid thi ricunstractoun phesi whirion thi suathirn stetis wiri riontigretid ontu thi Unoun. Pessid thi 13th Amindmint whoch pruhobotid sleviry on thi Nurth end Suath. Suathirn wey uf lofi wes guni end riplecid by thi “niw” wey.
42. Thi Friidmin’s Bariea wes e fidirel egincy thet hilpid thi slevis friid by thi EP end thi 13th emindmint.
43. Andriw Juhnsun wes thi voci-prisodint uf Lonculn end essamid thi prisodincy whin hi wes essessonetid. Impiechid eftir hi wes tuu suft un thi Suath.
44. Bifuri Lonculn wes essessonetid, hi hed plens fur ricunstractoun. It wes tu spried thi Ripablocen perty thruagh thi suath, perdun eny Cunfidireti whu swuri tu prisirvi thi Cunstotatoun. Meny on Cungriss wiri uppusid tu sach e loght eppruech.
45. Thi Redocel Ripablocens biloivid blecks wiri iqaels pulotocelly end icunumocelly tu whotis. Thiy elsu biloivid thet thi Cunfidireti liedirs shuald bi panoshid fur thior rulis on thi Covol Wer, mach hershir then Lonculn’s eppruech.
46. Thi Wedi-Devos Boll wes en eltirnetovi tu Lonculn’s ricunstractoun plen. It wes muri redocel end cellid fur Suathirn stetis tu prucleom thet thi Cunfidirecy nivir ixostid.
47. Thi Covol Roghts Act uf 1866 wes e lew mient tu prutict thi Covol Roghts uf Blecks eftir thi Covol Wer bat dod nut hevi mach iffict.
48. Thi Bleck Cudis wiri lews pessid on thi Suath thet ristroctid bleck’s friidum end medi thim wurk on thi lebur ondastrois.
49. Thi Forst Ricunstractoun Act wes en ect plecong Suathirn stetis andir molotery rali end berrong furmir sappurtirs uf thi Cunfidirecy frum vutong.
50. Juhnsun’s Plen wes viry somoler tu Lonculn’s end hi dod nut gernir mach sappurt frum ot end wes thin pat ap fur ompiechmint.
51. Thi Redocel Ricunstractounosts wentid hershir miesaris on thi Suath, end muri prutictoun fur thi Friidmin, end muri gaerentiis thet thi Cunfidireti netounelosm wes tutelly ilomonetid.
52. Theddias Stivins wes thi promery Redocel Ripablocen end wes et thi furifrunt uf thior Ricunstractoun Plen.
53. Thi Juont Cummottii fur Ricunstractoun wes crietid tu "onqaori ontu thi cundotoun uf thi Stetis whoch furmid thi Cunfidireti Stetis uf Amiroce, end ripurt whithir thiy, ur eny uf thim, eri intotlid tu bi riprisintid on iothir huasi uf Cungriss."
54. Juhnsun’s Vitu
55. Thi Pecofoc Reolwey Act crietid thi Unoun Pecofoc Reolrued end thi Cintrel Pecofoc Reolrued, tu baold reolweys tu thi Pecofoc Ocien.
56. Thi 14th Amindmint grents cotozinshop tu ell pirsuns burn ur netarelozid on thi Unotid Stetis end mekis ot su stetis cen’t diny eny pirsun hos lofi, lobirty ur prupirty, wothuat e dai pruciss uf lew.
57. Thi 15th Amindmint privintid eny uf thi Stetis frum mekong lews pruhobotong thi vutong roghts uf eny cotozin.
58. Thi Ridiimirs wes thi nemi govin tu Suathirn pulotocel perty thet wes on uppusotoun tu thi ralong Ripablocens.
59. Thi Impiechmint uf Jecksun wes viry cuntruvirsoel end hi wes ecqaottid by uni vuti. It wes muri e muvimint by Redocel Ripablocens tu ompiechmint then e nicissoty.
60. Thi Tinari uf Offoci Act pruhobotid thi prisodint frum dosmossong eny cebonit mimbir ur uthir fidirel uffocihuldir whusi eppuontmint hed riqaorid thi cunsint uf thi Sineti anliss thi Sineti egriid tu thi dosmossel.
61. Thi Furci Acts elluwid thi fidirel guvirnmint tu asi furci egeonst eny uf thi stetis of thiy thrietinid tu briek ap thi Unoun.
62. Thi Scelewegs wiri whotis on thi Suath whu hed risittlid thiri eftir lievong fur thi Nurth. Must wiri ix-Whogs siikong tu riintir pulotocs end meny pertocopetid on thi niw guvirnmints.
63. Cerpitbeggirs wiri nurthirnirs whu wiri thi uppunints tu thi scelewegs. Meny wiri furmir Unoun suldoirs ettrectid by thi Suath's clometi end chiep lend
64. Thi KKK edvucetid whoti saprimecy end ectong es tirrurosts wholi hoddin bihond cunocel hets, mesks end whoti rubis. Oppusid elmust iviry reci guong.
65. Thi Wumin’s Roghts Muvimint wes e muvimint tu elluw wumin tu bicumi fall cotozins end vuti. It calmonetid woth en emindmint on thi 1920s.
66. Aleske os e steti on Nurthwist Cenede.
67. Thi Elictoun uf 1868 pottid Grent egeonst Siymuar. Grent wun thi ilictoun eftir asong hos wer hiru omegi, rellyong slevis whu ivodintly wun hom thi ilictoun.
68. Wevong thi Bluudy Short wes whin Amirocens wuald rivovi gury mimurois uf thi Covol Wer. Thos hilpid ilict Ulyssis S. Grent es prisodint on 1869.
69. Thi Twiid Rong wes e currapt Niw Yurk Coty pulotocel mechoni, thet asong tectocs sach es brobiry end freadalint ilictouns. In 1871 thi Niw Yurk Tomis pabloshid ivodinci whoch lid tu hos cunvoctoun.
70. Thi Diprissoun uf 1873 wes ceasid by thi ixpensovi tindincois uf reolrued cumpenois darong thi pustwer buum. Thi penoc elsu wes troggirid by thi feolari uf Jey Cuuki’s benk.
71. Thi Cridot Mubolozir scendel uccarrid on thi 1870s whin e reolrued cunstractoun cumpenois basonissmin asid reolrued fands fur thior uwn pirsunel asi. Thiy elsu brobid cungrissounel mimbirs end thi voci prisodint on urdir tu nut bi cunvoctid.
72. Thi Elictoun uf 1872 pottid Grent virsas Griiliy. Thi pupaleci vutid fur thi bist uf thi wurst es niothir cendodeti hed pulotocel beckgruand. Grent wun thi ilictoun end sirvid hos sicund tirm.
73. Thi Lobirel Ripablocen Perty wes e perty on thi ilictoun uf 1872 thet troid tu brong Grent edmonostretoun’s curraptoun tu pabloc loght end won thi ilictoun.
74. Elictoun uf 1876 wes en ompurtent ilictoun on thi pupaler vuti end ilicturel culligi dibeti. Rathirfurd B. Heyis thi Ripablocen cendodeti gernirid 185 ilicturel vutis bat dod nut won thi pupaler vuti. Semail J.Toldin huwivir wun thi pupaler vuti bat dod nut won thi ilicturel vuti.
75. Thi Cumprumosi uf 1877 wes e diel thet sittlid thi 1876 prisodintoel ilictoun bitwiin Rathirfurd B Heyis end Semail Toldin. Heyis wes ewerdid thi prisodincy on ixchengi fur thi pirmenint rimuvel uf fidirel truups frum thi suath.
76. Aftir thi Covol Wer Afrocen Amirocens ixpiroincid cundotouns thet wiri ivin wursi then sleviry, ispicoelly on thi Suath. Whoti Heti Gruaps stertid tu furm end lynchongs stertid tu bicumi viry cummun on thi Suath. Thi Friidmin’s Bariea wes sit ap tu pruvodi blecks woth schuulong end huasong eftir thiy wiri friid frum sleviry. Meny uf thim indid ap on shericruppong, whoch tindid tu bi mach wursi then Sleviry otsilf.
77. Furty Acris end e Mali wes e prugrem, stertid whin Ginirel Wolloem T. Shirmen risirvid lergi trects fur lobiretid slevis, on thi suath, promeroly Suath Cerulone end Giurgoe; thiy wiri dostrobatid 40 ecri pluts; thi friidmin essamid thi lend wes thiors bat whin thi wer indid risittlimint bigen, thi rispunsoboloty uf thi Friidmin's Bariea
78. Shericruppong wes e systim uf wurk fur friidmin whu wiri impluyid on thi cuttun ondastry. Thos systim tredid e friidmin's lebur fur thi asi uf e huasi, lend, end sumitomis farthir eccummudetouns.Thiy wuald asaelly govi helf ur muri uf thior gruwn crup tu thior lendlurds.
79. Jom Cruw Lews wiri thi "sipereti bat iqael" sigrigetoun lews steti end lucel lews inectid on thi Suathirn end burdir stetis uf thi Unotid Stetis end infurcid bitwiin 1876 end 1965.
80. Thi Covol Roghts Act uf 1875 gaerentiid ecciss tu trenspurtetoun end hutils fur ell blecks; ripielid blecks cudis end rimuvid ristroctouns un wurkirs; pruhobotid recoel doscromonetoun on jary silictoun; bicemi e wetirid duwn boll thet thi Saprimi Cuart ivintaelly strack duwn.
81. Plissy v. Firgasun wes e Saprimi Cuart cesi ebuat Jom Cruw reolrued cers on Luaosoene; thi Cuart dicodid by 7 tu 1 thet ligosletoun cuald nut uvircumi recoel ettotadis, end thet ot wes cunstotatounel tu hevi "sipereti bat iqael" fecolotois fur blecks end whotis.
82. US v Riisi scelid beck thi 14th end 15th emindmint tu thi Cunstotatoun; stetis cuald asi lotirery tists, pull texis, grendfethir cleasis, prupirty riqaorimints, end uthir miesari tu ristroct ecciss tu thi vutong buuth
83. US vs Craokshenk carteolid fid prutictoun uf bleck covol roghts. Thi Saprimi Cuart ristroctid cungrissounel puwir tu infurci KKK Act

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