Essay on The Civil War : The War Of A Revolution

Essay on The Civil War : The War Of A Revolution

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The American Civil War or officially known as the War of the Rebellion began in 1861 and ended in 1865; it was a war fought between the Union and the Confederacy states which means the Northern and the Southern states of the United States of America. This event was one of the most destructive events in American history. This war cost more than 600,000 lives; many Americans thought the Civil War would help shape the character of the American people. The South believed that the war was a “War of Rebellion”, or a War for Southern Independence. And the North believed it was a “War of a Revolution”. This unfortunate war started as a result of many years of differences between the North and the South. It broke out after many years of battle building up between the two regions. The main cause of the civil war was economic, social and political differences, but most importantly slavery was the root cause of these differences.
During the Civil War the economy developed between the two states. The Southern states were the farming states, which benefits from agriculture rather than industrialization. After the Cotton Gin was invented in 1793, the need of slaves increased and made cotton the main crop of the South. 7/8 of the world’s supplies were produced from cotton in the Southern states. Therefore, this increased the South 's dependency on the plantation system and its dynamic section, which is slavery. But the North was successful in industrialization. The North feared that the South’s slave might affect the economy. The North depended on factories and other industrialized businesses rather than agricultures and plantations. For this purpose many of the new immigrants settled north, when very few of them settled south. This helped the N...

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.... As any war would have ended, the War ended with great losses to both sides. More Americans were killed in the Civil War than in all other American wars combined from the Colonial period through the later chapter of the Vietnam War. Apart from the number of deaths and sufferers, the great loss of possessions and money, the country now needed to work together in order to restructure what once was lost. Emotionally, it would take long years for many people to overcome the consequences of the war. The war was followed by twelve years of Reconstruction, during which the North and South debated the future of black Americans and fought bitter political battles. Yet, there was a good outcome of this war. Slavery came to an end as a legal institution. But the war did not bring equal rights for blacks; they still had their own war to win until those rights would be achieved.

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