Essay about The Civil War Scene Of Lincoln

Essay about The Civil War Scene Of Lincoln

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As soaked Confederate and the Union fighters charged towards each other in the pitfall of muddy water, the Civil War scene of Lincoln was set. Although many movies based in the 19th century focused on the Civil War, Steven Spielberg, director of Lincoln, decided to take a unique perspective on the period by focusing on the debate over the Thirteenth Amendment. This historical drama, however, developed into a two-and-a-half hour movie with tedious dialog and historical inaccuracies. An hour-and-a-half documentary could have better served the former president and the Thirteenth Amendment. The movie 's failure to even develop the character of Lincoln and describe the radical change over the amendment took on a child-like grasp of history.
The movie 's development, or lack of, made it difficult to feel a connection with many of the characters, especially Lincoln. For instance, Daniel Day-Lewis 's portrayal of Abraham Lincoln attempted to show not only the calm and patient side of him but the angry and humorous side as well. His attempt to persuade individuals over to his side by a ridiculous, non-related story was unrealistic. Every twenty minutes, Lincoln 's appeal to humanity was cut short when he told monotonous stories and out-of-place jokes—a disconnection that distanced Lincoln from his audience. One cabinet member walked away stating he could not take anymore of Lincoln 's stories—a feeling shared by myself. In addition, the lack of depth in his political background made it difficult to understand Lincoln 's game of "hands-off" dirty bribing. Although these flaws dishonored the idea of "Honest Abe," they were made to flatter him. Throughout the film, the audience was bombarded with the idea that Lincoln was committed to ending...

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...e audience is left seeing the tragic effect of his death through Lincoln’s youngest son. The screaming crowds and child did not do Lincoln 's death justice. A scene of Lincoln being shot and the instant fear of the crowd at Ford’s Theater would have created a more dramatic event. The small amount of drama in Lincoln left some audience members disappointed.
The different angle that Spielberg took to show the debate over the Thirteenth Amendment was mediocre. The lack of many dramatic elements and development of one of the main characters did not go well. The actors’ performance was magnificent, but the script did not allow them to expend themselves to more than a one-dimensional character. A simple back story of Lincoln 's political history and more realistic dramatic events could have connected Lincoln with his audience and saved many people from wasting their time.

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