Essay on The Civil War Of Virginia And New England

Essay on The Civil War Of Virginia And New England

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Civil War
The first colonies in Virginia and New England were the origin of the different values that caused the civil war to take place. The colonists that resided in Jamestown, Virginia were heavily dependent on foreign aid and the funding provided by investors. On the contrary, the colonists that settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts was almost entirely self sufficient and did not have to rely on the help from foreign nations. While both the colonies originally focused on fishing and farming, the colonists from Jamestown quickly expanded their industries towards lumber, and utilized technologies that were available in their time such as making mills that were water operated. The two colonies quickly developed into two very different environments to live in. Through these two colonies, two very different visions were born. The north favored the ideas proposed by Alexander Hamilton. His vision of America was establishing a strong federal government that was ruled by the wealthy class, an emphasis on manufacturing, and a loose interpretation of the constitution. Conversely, the south favored the perspective of Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson wanted a strong state government ruled by the people. He placed a strong emphasis on agriculture, and interpreted the Constitution very strictly. Some of the main features that brought out a large portion of discrepancy flanked by Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton caused social, economical, and political differences to arise from the citizens of the nation.
The social differences between the North and South were as follows. The residents of the North desired a more powerful and centralized government with more government control and bigger banks. On the contrary, the people of the south want...

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...ginal colonies had, evolved and manifested itself into two very separate political entities. The two parties that gained a lot of popularity were the federalists of the North who favored industrialization, and the democratic – republicans of the south who favored the emphasis on agriculture. Each party was led by very influential politicians. There was Alexander Hamilton who was the backbone of the ideas for the federalists and Thomas Jefferson, the leader of the democratic republicans. The different views and ideas that each man presented were heavily supported by their demographic region. The tension between the north and south did not stop rising and neither side could reach a compromise. Both parties realized that talking was not going to solve anything, and on April 12, 1861 the first shots were fired upon Fort Sumter which marked the beginning of the Civil War.

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