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The Civil War Of America Essay

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From 1861 to 1865 America was in a Civil War. The War was between the Confederacy and the Union and they were fighting over slavery. The Confederacy was made up of eleven states which who were fighting against the Union to have the right to still own slaves in the south. Once the confederates broke off from America they were known as the Confederate States of America. The rest of the other states where with the north and they were known as the Union. Once Lincoln was elected to be president without carrying a single southern State, many southern white leaders felt it was there only choice for the southern states to separate from America to become the Confederate States of America. Also they felt that they losing representation to promote pro-slavery acts and policies that they were able to promote before Abraham Lincoln was elected to be the President of America. After this Abraham Lincoln declared the acts of the Confederacy to be Illegal. He asked congress for 500,000 soldiers to crush what he thought to be an aggressive rebellion. On April 1861 the war between each of these sides started, more than 600,000 people were killed and millions were wounded during the four years of this war. A lot of violent battles happened in the south. Also Union almost collapsed by the Confederate forces which could have changed the outcome of war. The outcome of this war would determine what type of nation America would become.


The Civil war began on April 12, 1861. The war was between two sides the south and north. These sides were also known as the Confederates and the Union. The main issue over this war was over slavery, as well as extension of slavery in the western territories. Once Abraham Lincoln was elected the new preside...

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... January 1, 1863.

This proclamation freed all the slaves within the ten states that were still in rebellion because of the war. Also this proclamation allowed the free slaves to join the United States service to help fight in the Civil war. There was an estimate of three to four million slaves that this proclamation applied. After the war the U.S started reconstruction in south first by ending slavery around the United States. Also there were changes to the Constitution that still remain in effect to this day after the end of Civil War. These changes to the constitution allowed the reuniting of north and south, guaranteed form of government for the ex-confederate states, and it permanently end slavery around the United States. This war change the way determined the outcome of how America would be; also thanks to this war slavery no longer exist in America.

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