Essay on The Civil War Era Of The United States

Essay on The Civil War Era Of The United States

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There are very few provisions in the Constitution of the United States about the qualifications of the Electors that make up the Electoral College. “Article II, section I, clause 2 provides that no Representative or Senator , or person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States shall be appointed as Elector.” At the beginning, the 14th Amendment provided that some state officials who had engaged in an insurrection or rebellion against the United States or had given comfort and aid to the enemies of the United States would not be able to serve as an Elector in the Electoral College. This related to the post-Civil War era of the United States.

Each state has a Certificate of Ascertainment. The names ;of the appointed electors are in the state Certificate of Ascertainment and this is usually enough to establish the qualifications of the state 's electors.

The process of choosing each state 's electors is a two-part process. The first thing the political parties do in each state is choosing slates of potential Electors. Each state will do this before the general election, The next thing is that on Election Day, the voters will go to the polls and vote for the President. This process will decide the state 's Electors.

Each political party in each state controls the first part of the process. Each state has their own process. Most parties will nominate slates of potential Electors. This is usually done at the party convention in each state. They can also be chosen by the party 's central committee by vote. This process happens in each state for each party. When this first phase is completed each Presidential candidate will have his unique slate of potential Electors.

Sometimes the Electors for the...

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... act as they choose. This means that political parties may get pledges from electors to vote for the party 's nominees. Some states have laws that provide for “faithless Electors” and it states that they may be fined or they may be disqualified for casting a vote that is not valid. In some cases, they can be replaced by a substitute elector. It has not been ruled on by the Supreme Court if pledges and penalties for failure to vote as pledged may be enforced under the Constitution. There has never been an Elector prosecuted for not voting as he pledged

Rarely do Electors vote for someone besides their party 's candidate. Usually, the Electors hold positions of leadership in their party or are chosen to show appreciation for their years of loyal service to the party. Since the first Electoral College, the Electors have voted more than 90 percent as pledged.

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